What does the Windows Update Mean? How Should it Be?

A new Windows Update is around the corner and users are really excited about it. A lot of changes are supposed to come. Here is all you need to know.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
New Update
Windows Update

Microsoft has hinted at the arrival of a newer version of Windows, the tentative date is not announced yet, but it is certain that a new Windows update is rolling out soon. Users around the world really hope that it does not continue as an update to the already existing Windows 10. The coming update should hold an identity of its own. This is mainly because Microsoft is planning on making some big changes to the currently existing Windows. The features, the UI and even the store will see a revamp.


What does the Windows Update Mean?

The update primarily means that Windows users will be able to break free from the monotonous UI of Windows 10. It has been a long time that Microsoft has made any major changes to the UI and people are getting extremely used to it.

Secondly, it means that Microsoft now has a chance of coming up with an update that will be more appealing to the current masses. A new design with smooth transitions and animations would be a great new addition to make.


Lastly, the update also means that even though Microsoft announced that there will be no more Windows update. The company is finally coming out with one. it will be good and refreshing if it is an independent version with all the good things in it.

How Should it Be?

Microsoft has been very dedicated to bringing a good user experience with every version of Windows. However, there are a few things, that, if done differently can actually make the experience even better.

  • The current OS itself takes a lot of space, and it might not be ideal for computers that are "outdated". Some users are still using Windows 7 because the system can not handle Windows 10. This keeps away the users from experiencing the best that Microsoft has to offer at present. If the OS can be designed keeping this in mind, then the user base will significantly grow.
  • When Windows 10 first came out, there were a number of issues and glitches with the OS. It took Microsoft a lot of time and update to make the Windows 10 experience better. If the new update does not go through that process and is good and usable from the get-go, then it would be better. Users will be able to make the transition faster.

The final version of the Windows update is yet to come, and we are all waiting to see how it turns out. Till then, let's keep our hopes high and look forward to a new change.

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