PUBG Mobile India: What is New With Battlegrounds Mobile India? You Heard It Here First

PUBG Mobile India has been rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India, and it will bring in some changes to the game. Here is all you need to know.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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PUBG Mobile Inida

Battlegrounds Mobile India which is supposed to be the new name for PUBG Mobile India has been announced and even though the final launch date and trailer is yet to come there are some leaks how the game might look for the Indian audience. There are a few changes that have been made to the policies to make it more appropriate to the Indian audience. These additions will not affect the overall gameplay and mechanics of the game but will supposedly make the game look more "Indian". Let's take a look at these changes.



Outfits and skins have been one of the most appealing factors of PUBG Mobile. Collaborations with internationally famous names like The Bathing Ape and Black Pink, the game has always seen new outfits and skins. The Indian version of the game is supposed to have less exposing outfits. The outfits might also include some regional and traditional touch to make the game more appropriate to the region. Some collaborations might also be on their way, but the players will have to wait for that after the game launches and starts receiving updates.



PUBG Mobile was a demanding game, and it was not possible to run it smoothly on budget devices. The developers had launched PUBG Mobile Lite for the same reason. However, with the new and fresh launch of the game, developers are supposed to make it compatible for most devices including low-end devices too so that players can enjoy the game at 60fps at least.


A huge chunk of the player base includes kids and children who are below the age of 18. The corporation has decided to put a cap of 3 hours a day for players who are under the 18 years old mark. A supposed feature that can be added to the game is that players might need to have parental permission in order to play the game and would not be allowed to play the game for more than 3 hours in a day. This might seem like a problem to a lot of young streamers and YouTube content creators, but this has been done to avoid any major distraction. Academics and education prioritized in India and the game can be a distraction, this addition to the policy can actually make parents and guardians less averse to the idea of the game, and allow it to be a part of the recreation process.

Another important policy is for the players under the age of 18. They will not be able to spend more than INR 7000 on in-app purchases. Guardians contact number will also be required. These have been put in place to make sure that spendthrift stories do not come up with this new version of the game.

These are all supposed features and changes that the game might bring to India, official announcements and press releases are yet to follow. Stay tuned here to keep getting regular updates about how the game might look like when it is finally launched in the country.

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