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Tablets have been there for quite some time now and come in myriad display sizes and form factor. Each tablet size has a different set of functionality and purpose and is targeted at different sets of users. While it is hard to suggest which of the tablet size; 7inch, 8 inch, 9.7 inch or 10.1 inch is the perfect size, looking at the market demand it seems the preference is well distributed across all these sizes.

Apple is credited with launching the first 9.7 inch sized tablet, iPad which has been a worldwide success. What works for the iPad is the better aspect ratio and viewing angles compared to that of 10.1 inch tablets. More importantly the size and dimensions make it a better and portable device.

The recent induction of phablets (smartphone-cum-tablet) devices that come in 5 to 6.3 inch sizes have created a choice conundrum together with the 7 inch tablets which are not small enough to fit in a pocket yet not big enough for good multimedia and viewing experience. Other than 7 inch, we also come across 8 inch tablets from Samsung and the 7.9 inch iPad Mini from Apple among others. Recent reports indicate that moving ahead the market will witness high-demand and popularity for 8 inch tablets. Considering such forecasts, it seems the market will be primarily concentrated in the big display tablets.

So, what is the best display size for a tablet? This discussion has been hotly debated across forums and the most obvious answer to that revolves around the usage and requirement of the person. From a personal point of view, the 9.7 inch tablet seems to be the best bet as it meets all requirements of a user-viewing angles, aspect ratio, size and weight. Apple has perfected the 9.7 form factor with iPad but it is clearly not meant for everyone, due to its prohibitive price. So, if you have always liked the 9.7 inch form factor but your budget does not allow you the luxury of iPad then some Indian brands have introduced their own 9.7 inch tablet models priced under Rs 20,000.

So what’s good about 9.7 inch tablets and why are they better than your 7 or 10.1 inch tablets? Here’s the answer:

Better viewing experience: Compared to 7 inch tablets, the 9.7 inch is a bigger and better option especially if you are a movie buff. 7 inch tablets like Nexus 7, Asus Fonepad and Kindle Fire HD have been some of the popular brands in the market but their screen size makes them limited to reading and playing.

Better work productivity: The bigger 9.7 inch size also ensures that typing on the virtual keyboard is much more comfortable. While holding a 9.7 inch tablet may be cumbersome but with the iPad we have already seen it becoming one of the most widely used tablets especially for work.

Big battery life for on-the-go usage: The 9.7 inch size allows manufacturers to add a big size battery which unlike the 7 inch form factor is a definite advantage. Usually we have seen battery on 9.7 inch tablets ranging anywhere between 6000 mAh to 8000 mAh which serves the purpose of getting work done on-the-go without worrying about low battery life.

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