Will your Next PC Be a Smartphone?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was introduced with a large number of new and amazing features, ranging from Force Touch and a non-exploding battery (wink!) to new security features like iris scanning and face recognition. There was one feature, though, among the many that may be more important than we think. It’s called Samsung DeX (short for Desktop Experience), and it may change a lot of things about how we use smartphones and PCs, how we work and play Wildjacks mobile, and how we consume our media in the future.

Meet DeX

Samsung’s DeX is more than just a simple dock that allows users to connect their phones to a large display, a keyboard, and a mouse. Much like Microsoft’s Continuum was a couple of years ago, it is a new approach to mobile computing, allowing users to turn their phones into a desktop computer – and much more. Basically, it brings down the barriers between desktop and mobile, allowing its users to be more productive and stay entertained when away from their homes.


Samsung has shown the world how DeX can help them be more productive during their presentation this March. Let the video from the event speak for itself:

With DeX, any large screen can be turned into an office away from the office.


But work is not the only thing DeX will be able to change in the future. Smartphones are already used by an incredible number of people to consume media, stream movies and music, browse the web, and play games. Now think of doing the same on a large-screen TV, like, say, in a hotel room.

As Samsung’s list of DeX-compatible apps shows, the DeX will be able to handle video, audio, and games perfectly well. Among them, you’ll find, along with Microsoft’s, Adobe’s, and other developers’ productivity apps, others like Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, even SoundCamp, along with games like Vainglory, The Tribez, and Lineage 2 Revolution.

In the future, more apps will get the DeX makeover, offering even richer content to anyone using it.

Ease of use

For those in need of permanently being connected to their workplace, DeX is the perfect solution. They can use their phone as usual, making calls and sending messages, but they can also convert it quickly in a desktop computer to get more complex things done. When traveling abroad or just gathering at a friend’s house, DeX can quickly take care of your entertainment needs – you can connect it to the screen right there, and turn it into a home cinema to view your recorded videos and movies streamed from the internet in no time.

DeX has a true potential to turn your smartphone into the personal computer of the future.

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