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Server administrators use many system management tools to manage their enterprise networks. which are quite expensive and complex to use. In fact, for a large enterprise it is not practically possible to update all client systems individually which is time consuming and requires extra IT manpower.

Price: $11 per month per PC (minimum 1 year subscription);
30-day free trial
Meant for: Small and Mid-sized groups
Key Specs: Manage Windows updates, malware protection,
remote assistance, monitoring and alerts.
Pros: Easy to use and install; supports multiple administrators
Cons: Software deployment is not possible; cannot
manage servers
SMS Buy 130501 to 56677

Recently Microsoft launched its new product ‘Windows InTune’ which is designed for IT administrators to manage PCs from remote locations. Windows InTune is a cloud-based desktop management and maintenance software, and allows administrators to login to Microsoft’s Windows InTune online portal, All you need is an Internet connection and a valid Hotmail account to manage PCs from virtually anywhere. Through this web portal, IT administrators can manage the deployment of Microsoft updates and service packs to remote PCs. It also protects PCs from malware threats, allows you to set security policies and keep a live track of hardware and software inventory.

Requirements before installation

If you are working on a Windows XP machine, you will need a CPU clock speed of minimum 500 MHz and 256 MB RAM to install Intune Client software. However, If you want to install this software on a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based machine you need not bother about tech jargon. To use the client software you will need to have a web browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight 3.0. There is no on-site infrastructure support required (such as having a network server in place or Active directory) for this software.

Installation of Windows Intune is as simple as download and install. Windows InTune is available in 36 countries (Including India) and comes with a 30-day trial, through which you can manage upto 25 computers. IT admins can try this software in a live environment, but Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade license is not available during trial.

Every PC which is being controlled from Windows InTune through the
administrator will need the InTune client installed and an Internet

What can an IT Admin do with Windows InTune?

With Windows InTune, administrators have full control over updates of a client’s PC. Administrator decides which update to dispatch and which one to suppress. After the approval from the administrator, a client can easily run the Windows InTune center console to get updates.

The administrator can also create groups and set Windows InTune in auto-approval mode for getting quick updates. The application also provides license rights to upgrade all PCs to Windows 7 Enterprise as long as the PC meets h/w and s/w requirements. Other functionality provided is as follows:

1. Malware protection: Windows InTune comes with built-in anti-malware that uses the MS Forefront Endpoint Protection and MS Security Essentials to provide a reliable and simple solution, as long as no anti-malware solution exists in your PC. If a malware threat is detected in any of the client’s PC, then InTune automatically alerts the administrator, who can then solve the issue from his remote location.

2. Monitoring and alerts: Administrators get alerted about updates that have been missed or malware that’s been detected on the individual PC, so that they can resolve the PC issues before end users are harmed.

3. Software and hardware inventory: You can track live details of software that are used in client PCs and also show the complete hardware configuration for an individual client PC.

4. Remote assistance: Using MS Easy Assist you can view and control the client’s machine from any remote location. Using Windows Intune Center client software, installed on the client computer, client can send the request to the administrator to take control of his system. You can also chat and share files using MS Easy Assist.

5. Multi-admin console: You can also add multiple administrators (service administrators) and split alerts amongst them by category.

Windows InTune is a simple and easy to use cloud based desktop management and maintenance software which manages Windows updates and keeps the system secure from viruses and internal errors from a remote location. So, this application promises to be helpful for small and mid-sized workgroups to meet business requirements.

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