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WinFax Pro 10 for Win 95/98/NT/2000 is a software for sending
and receive faxes from your PC. You can either send a fax to a fax machine or
e-mail it across as a self-viewing e-mail attachment. The person receiving this
e-mail doesn’t need to install any special software. The attachment is in fax
format, so one can only view and can’t make any modifications to it.

WinFax Pro 10

Faxing software. Rs 3,950
Features: Send faxes to an e-mail address or a fax machine; create reports for tracking information; cover pages; group faxing. 
Pros: Easy to use; merge documents from multiple applications into a single fax. 
Cons: None.
Source: Tech Pac India
Gate no 1 A, Godrej Soaps Compound, Feroz Shah Nagar, Eastern Express
Vikroli, Mumbai 400079. 
Tel: 22-5960101, 5960263 

We installed WinFax Pro on a Win 98 machine. Installation is
simple and a wizard guides you through the process. Overall, the software is
pretty easy to use. Its interface is similar to e-mail clients like Outlook and
Outlook Express. Like these e-mail clients, it also has a Received log to store
all your incoming faxes, an Outbox for storing pending faxes, a Send log to keep
track of the faxes sent by you, and a Wastebasket. You can later create reports
for the same and track information like the date and time you sent or received a
fax, number of pages, etc.

WinFax Pro has a useful "Cover page" option. This
is like a covering letter to your fax and includes information like your name,
fax number, recipient’s name and fax number, date, etc, or some additional
note that you may want to add. This is useful as it gives a gist of your fax to
the person you’re sending it to. You can either select a cover page from a set
of pre-designed pages or create customized cover pages. The pre-designed cover
pages are grouped in various categories, like General, Business, Cartoon, etc,
with an interesting collection of themes and graphics.

Another useful feature of the software is its ability to
combine, arrange, and fax multiple documents into a single fax. So you can
easily attach a Word document, an Excel sheet, etc, into a single fax, arrange
it in the order you want, and fax it across. A Print to WinFax icon
automatically gets added to your application, and you just need to click on this
button to attach your document in WinFax Pro. It also supports Group faxing,
that is, you can send the same fax to a group of people. You can also schedule
your faxes to be sent at a particular time. This is useful as you can save on
cost by sending faxes at off-peak hours.

WinFax Pro integrates with e-mail clients and PIMs (Personal
Information Managers). We used it with Outlook Express and could easily access
our address book in WinFax Pro.

It also supports Internet faxing, that is, sending faxes
through the Internet. However, this is not a free service and you’ll need to
pay to make use of it.

Neelima Vaid at PCQ Labs

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