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This 802.11b based wireless broadband router from Surecom is for small offices. It has a WAN port for connecting to a cable or DSL modem, and four Ethernet ports to connect to the internal network with a firewall in between. For security, it supports 128-bit WEP (Wired Encrypted Privacy) Encryption. It also supports PPPoE (Point-to-Point over Ethernet), and PPTP clients. It supports Dynamic DNS and has a built-in DHCP server to dynamically allocate IP addresses to clients. 

We tested the router using Net IQ Qcheck for throughput, response time and streaming data rate between a wireless client and wired host with the router working as the communication link. It gave average performance overall, giving an average throughput of around 4 Mbps at 100% signal strength, response time of 3.66 ms, and 416 kbps throughput for streaming at a rate of 1000 kbps for 15 seconds. It isn’t very susceptible to interference, giving a similar throughput of 4 Mbps even with an interfering Bluetooth device between the wireless client and the AP.

A good router given the attractive price. The only problem though might be getting the DSL connection, because most ISPs provide it over a plain telephone line, while this one requires an Ethernet cable. 

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