The Witcher Netflix trailer looks great, reveals the release date

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The trailer for The Witcher just dropped and boy does it look amazing. Fans had been given a glimpse of the much awaited series earlier this year as well, but it was just a teaser. We now have the full trailer for the series. 

The trailer for The Witcher’s Netflix series looks just amazing. Cavill looks amazing and even sounds exactly like Geralt in the games. The fans of the Witcher games might recognise many of the scenes in the trailer, even though the Netflix series will be based on books (The game plays out events that have occurred after the books). The East European locations in the trailer set the tone for the series. As we hear a woman in the background speaking (most probably Yennefer) we get to the part where Cavil’s Geralt is asked where his horns were. As he spoke the words “I had them filed down”, I had goosebumps because that is exactly what Geralt sounds like. Further, into the trailer, we see Cavil cut enemies down with the superhuman ferocity and speed the Witchers are known for. They even got the cat eyes of Geralt right, which is a result of the mutation process which makes them see in the dark.  

We also get a look at the so called “scrotum armour”, which actually looks good post production than when it looked when set images of The Witcher were released. Further ahead, who seems to be the Queen of Cintra asks Ciri (Freya Allen) to go look for Geralt. The first season seems to be based around the First Nilfgaardian War. There is a city on fire, which seems to be Cintra, which might allude to the event, “Slaughter of Cintra” in the books. 

Even though the series will be based on books, we can for sure say that is being catered to gamers. I mean, there is Roach AND Bathtub Geralt. Those alone were enough to create the hype for the series. The season 1 goes live on December 20 on Netflix

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