All Women's Gaming League: Microgravity Extends Esports Opportunity to Indian Gamer Girls

Microgravity announces all women's gaming league on International Women's Day inviting gamers from all across the country for an esports opportunity.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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After bringing a revolution in the way games are played, Microgravity extends the opportunity of esports representation to Indian female gamers. The brand announced the Microgravity gaming league that will be dedicated to women gamers. The all women's gaming league is based on Valorant and will test the skills of players in this game.


Players from all across the country can participate and stand a chance of having a kick-start to their esports career.


  • An all-women squad of 5 members above the age of 16 can register and play the Microgravity Gaming League for free
  • Participants to play Valorant and other gaming tournaments on the Microgravity Gaming League
  • To sponsor India’s top Women gaming squad for the Global Valorant Championship happening end of this year
  • Principal partners like Sony, HP, HTC provides cutting edge gaming tech and equipment
  • The final winning squad gets world-class gaming guidance, monitor their performance and help enhance gaming techniques and skills.

In 2020, in the wake of a global pandemic, the world saw a steep rise in the gaming community and industry. According to ' Think with Google APAC-Play like a Girl Report 2020,’ nearly 18 per cent of all gamers in India were women. In a bid to increase female participation in gaming and making them the face of the Indian gaming industry and represent at a global level, Microgravity announced the look-out for India’s Top Women Gaming Squad.

The brand is also keen on sponsoring the winning team who will get a chance to take part in the Valorant global gaming championship. The company has also onboarded their principal partners Sony, HP, and HTC to provide cutting-edge gaming equipment required to compete at global championships.

Talking about this, Rahul Bhattacharya, co-founder and MD, Microgravity said- "It gives us great pride to begin the search for India's Top Women Gaming Squad on International Women’s Day. Under our campaign of #ItsHerGame, this initiative has been curated to promote gaming among women in India. We want to highlight the abilities and power of female gamers in the Indian gaming industry and take them to newer heights. The increasing population of women gamers in the past one year has given a boost and different spin to the entire gaming industry. We would like the women of our country to represent India at global gaming championships, set a worldwide example and encourage other women gamers around the world. The participation is open under Microgravity Gaming League to all-women squads above the age of 16. We will not only support them for global gaming championships but also guide, train, monitor their performance and help them enhance their gaming skills. We feel with this initiative, we would be able to break the gender stereotypes which has been there around gaming. I would like to thank all women who have been playing a very crucial role directly and indirectly in our country and wish them a Happy Women’s Day.”

This can be a hefty push and inspiration for women gamers in the country. So brush up on your skills and get ready for an opportunity that can be life-changing.

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