“We have worked in the largest government projects in India since 2007”- Sunil Manglore, CA Technologies

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Dhaval Gupta was hosted in Las Vegas by CA Technologies


In conversation with Sunil Manglore, MD India, CA Technologies PC Quest learns about CA Infrastructure management solution’s services in India.

What are the solutions that CA Technologies deploys in banking space?

In India, we are seeing a huge demand primarily in the banking financial services, insurance and the service providers. They are using the technology for transforming into digital organizations. In banking sector, it’s driven primarily by the customers wanting uniform a rich user experience across anywhere anytime. We believe that finance is more bits and bytes problem which can be solved using algorithms rather than the way it was addressed in the past.

The reality underground is that many of banks today have huge legacy infrastructure. So in that sense, our solution meets the requirements of the customers in the banking space. We are working with the private banks and the public sector banks and we have also made some progress with them in terms of making them Agile.

We have solutions which help these banks to become agile not in just in terms of making software but also using the agile framework for building business model and strategies which are more responsible for a change. Along with the API’s we need to change and secure them so the API management system executes.

Can you name the bank CA Technologies is partnering with?

And how the deployment benefits the customer in terms of the figure? We do with the largest banks we had State Bank of India. And in private banks, 2 or 3 are implementing the solution that we are talking about for making the business more beneficial.

We making the banks business agiler is clear as we are working with the banks and using API’s. In a way, we architect the legacy infrastructure. We are using microservices which is the other area we are working with the banks. All this has to be in the banking environment and very secure. There is a need for ensuring that everything is secured.

In our solution, the security is building during the development of the software. We acquire this company called wear a coat recently which scans the applications. Along with that, the concept is continuous testing where we democratizing the testing with some solutions. As we believe that there is no need to wait for any software to be completely developed after which we start testing it.

We have solutions for providing synthetic data masking production data to meet the privacy requirements. Overall it’s about making the business more beneficial using security as a differentiator and ensuring that everything that they do is secure.

How was the year 2016-17 for business while demonetization and GST were the big news for enterprises?

Last year we ended in March and it was a very good year for us. There were a very good market growth rates. We jumped into 15% to 20% range for India business. We made progress in the areas as I mentioned. At the time of demonetization, the government had a big push to digital India which was again beneficial for us.

There was a no. of projects undertaken. Some of the largest projects which have undertaken in the recent past have CA in terms of API management solutions. We have reached that position where our infrastructure solution has a sign of authentication. We all know that GST in a long run is great full to India. So on that also we are very positive and working on the government projects.

Is there any plan to deploy the service to other verticals?

The other vertical we worked on is the IT sector.The companies build the platforms using our software. So IT area is the other big set of customer we work with. They are not really our customers but they partner with us globally. As our primary focus is on the enterprises we need to have critical mass within the organization to be able to have the kind of challenges whether they are around project portfolio management or security scale or on the performance testing scales.

There are multiple things we are doing out of technology perspective. Fundamentally the one aspect we can deploy and spending a lot of time in CA using the technology. And that becomes a great showcase to customers.

How do you deal with the privacy of data of customers in India?

We have a solution which helps addressing the privacy of any organization which uses production data. And no personally identified information actually used at the time of testing. The solution we have for testing data management and acquisition that we did is one which helps mask the production data. Increase need for security will also help or give a boost to our security solutions.

Is there any government projects CA Technologies have worked with?

We have worked on the largest projects that government of India has undertaken since 2006 or 2007 whether it was the state data centres or the Statewide area networks. We had the large government single projects which everyone knows about, for which CA software infrastructure management security solutions were at the heart.

We also had a very large project with the government which is in the process of executing. Where we have sold our API management solution and that’s the heart of the project. So we had a very significant presence in all the government projects since 2006.

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