Xbox Series X will be more powerful than PS5, according to leaks

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The Console War has been going on for about two decades now. Both the console makers, Microsoft with their Xbox Series X and Sony with their PS5, have been trying to upstage one another throughout this competition. The current generation saw PS4 take the lead, while the previous gen Xbox 360 outsold PS3. In the first development regarding the next gen competition, there has been a leak that suggests that Xbox Series X will be more powerful than PS5. 

The leaks were first put together by Digital Foundry. They reconfirmed a previous leak that happened in April due to someone stepping onto a 3DMark database for PS5 testing and coupled it with a new leak on GitHub after AMD’s ASIC testing department stored some data on it.  There is nothing to confirm that the testing was done for the console hardware, but many are guessing that it indeed might be the case. 

The leak suggests that Xbox Series X will outdo PS5 by a lager margin. Both the consoles will have an 8 core Zen 2 CPU, but Xbox will have the more powerful GPU. The leak suggests that PS5’s Navi based AMD RDNA will have 36 computing units each clocked at 2GHz while Xbox will have an AMD RDNA with 52 computing units each clocked at 1.7GHz. This will make Xbox Series X 30% faster than the PS5. 

  Xbox Series X  Playstation 5 
CPU  8-core AMD Zen 2  8-core AMD Zen 2 at 3.2Ghz 
GPU  AMD RDNA with 56 CUs at 1.7Ghz  AMD RDNA with 36 CUs at 2Ghz 
RAM  GDDR6 at 560GB/s  GDDR6 at 448GB/s 

There is one catch, though. Great power comes at a great cost. Which means Xbox Series X could also cost significantly higher than the PS5. But we cannot really say how this might affect sales. Xbox One is more powerful than PS4, but PS4 has better sales. Similarly, Xbox 360 was less powerful than PS3, but Xbox 360 made significantly higher sales than PS3. I guess in the end, it will all come down to exclusives. Another important thing to note here is that PS5 will offer backwards compatibility. The GPU here will be able to switch clock speeds and cores used when a PS4 game will be played.  

As of now, these leaks aren’t completely confirmed. So take all of this with a grain of salt. 

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