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Computer vision synd-rome" (CVS),
eye-strain caused by prolonged computer usage, can affect all users, with short-term
side-effects like dry eyes and blurred vision, and other possible long-term side-effects.
The Xenon 20:20 aims to protect your eyes from CVS. It generates uniform light in the area
surrounding the PC, reducing eye strain caused by inconsistent lighting.

The Xenon is fixed on your monitor with a
velcro strip. It’s easy to install—just secure it on top of your monitor, plug
in the power cord, and switch it on.

The 20:20 has a "smart circuit",
which modulates the light from two Xenon lamps at 30,000 Hz, thus avoiding the flicker
common to tube-lights (and monitors). There’s a knob to control light intensity, to
suit your surrounding. Outlets on the top help keep the system cool.

The device is expensive, at Rs 7,000, and has
a one-year guarantee. A replacement lamp is Rs 1,200, and the vendor claims 10,000 working
hours for a lamp.

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