Zebronics 19” LCD Monitor 

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The biggest attraction of the Zebronics monitor VT-988D is its price tag of Rs 22,000. While most high-end 15” and some 17” LCD monitors come at this price, Zebronics offers a 19” for it. It supports a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 with 75 Hz refresh rate. It has both analog and digital input ports, which is great considering that most gaming cards nowadays come with both these types of output ports. However, the monitor that shipped to us didn't come with a digital input cable. We bought a cable and tried to use that, but it didn't work, so you may want to check this out with your vendor before buying. The monitor is priced so as it's barebones, meaning it doesn't have any extra features. There's no portrait-viewing mode, nor is there swivel or height adjustment. Don't expect great quality output from this monitor either, because it's not meant for professional work. However, for regular productivity use or even gaming, it's just fine. It has a viewing angle of 170 degrees

from horizontal and vertical direction, and can be tilted from 60 to 135 degrees. The monitor also has in-built stereo speakers, and there are buttons on the monitor for mute and volume adjustment. The monitor's OSD is easy to understand and use with a five-key control panel. The OSD provides all the standard control functions including temperature control. You can even adjust the display time and position of the OSD for your convenience. There's no software for screen adjustment, but it does have an auto-tuning feature, which works well for automatically adjusting the screen width and size. 

Bottom Line: The one thing going for this monitor is its attractive price tag making it a good buy as a desktop CRT monitor replacement, or for gamers.

Anubhav Verma