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A file archiving utility. Converts zip

archives to normal folders. Uses a slider for

setting degree of compression. An innovative and

useful utility for everyone. Price:

$39.95. Available as shareware on PCQ April

’98 CD

Mijenix Corporation. Internet:

PKZip had always been the favorite file

archiving software around. WinZip made things easier with

its easy-to-use GUI interface. However, every time you

want to use a file in an archive, you have to start

WinZip and manually make certain changes. With ZipMagic,

zip management hassles are now things of past. You will

be able to zip and unzip files without actually having to

use a Zip program, because zip files appear as normal

Windows folders. In Windows Explorer or in DOS, the file

archives (Zip or anything else) are displayed as regular

folders. You can save your files from applications like

MS Word directly into the archive using the Save As

dialog box. And all this is done transparently to the


ZipMagic adds a button Zip

on the title bar of various windows, which enables you to

control this utility. You can change various properties

of ZipMagic, enable or disable it, associate it with

various types of archives, set the degree of compression

using a slider (you are now no more restricted to the

five options on WinZip), define hotkeys that control this

utility, define the drives to which this utility is to be

associated with, and even schedule times of operation in

the day. ZipMagic supports the universal ZIP format, as

well as other compressed files like ARJ, TAR, TAZ, CAB,

and ZOO. It is also possible to open and decode e-mail

attachments like BinHex, UUEncode, XXEncode, and MIME.

ZipMagic includes an

Archive Manager, which gives you all the options you may

need when it comes to unzipping and zipping files. Place

large zip files onto multiple disks, create

self-extracting zip executables, and password protected

files. It has an interface similar to that of the Windows

Explorer, and also allows you to perform all the

functions of the Windows Explorer too.


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