zipNACH Services are Beneficial for the Corporates and Individuals, Varun Burman

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Ease the process of validating NACH mandate registration with the help of zipNACH. It is considered to be one of the most durable and secure platforms for it.

zipNACH is one of a kind solution launched in the market by Yoeki Soft. It is based on a cloud system that enables unlimited users and has the ability to integrate with any system through API. Since it is loaded with high-security features.

Further, in a conversation with PCQuest Varun Burman, Director of Yoeki Soft discusses in detail about the function of zipNACH services.

Explain NACH in simpler terms? 

NACH is a facility provided by NPCI for addressing the lacunas of the erstwhile ECS system which was a redundant system. This facility is generally used in the field that requires payments or collection to be done at regular intervals; For example, SIP payment for Mutual funds or Telephone bill payment on monthly basis.

Who all can benefit from zipNACH services?

The Corporates and Individuals benefit the most from zipNACH’s services. The Corporates can use for the services they offer that call for regular payments by its customers and Individuals who want to use the mode to ensure that all payments required to be done by them are taken care by NACH automatically and gives them the convenience of working from home.

How SMB’s and start-ups can get advantage from zipNACH’s services?

Start-ups in the field of financial lending can use the app as a part of their efficient method of NACH mandate handling. Also, the go digital drive has taken a step further with zipNACH offering its services for physical NACH mandate procurement.

How secure is your platform while validating the data of any lender?

zipNACH is PCI DSS certified, which helps them offer a completely secured environment. Also being a registered ASP with CDAC and NSDL has put the systems through the audit process of these entities.

What is zipNACH’s USP, as you claim to be the only platform to provide conventional NACH?

It is a Mandate management system and offers a solution to each and every aspect of the NACH mandate, whether it is Physical or emandate. ZipNACH module is a complete gamut of services offered with extensive customization. Further, ZipNACH has a unique data validation tools which ensure that the data inputted on NACH mandate is correct or not.

Who all are your existing clients and banks that provide funding?

NBFC’s Insurance companies, Mutual Funds and other companies working in field as financial intermediaries and Utility companies are ZipNACH’s clients.

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