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Working in Word is simple enough. But knowing some quick keys and tips can make working on it even quicker and easier. Here are some tips for Word 2000.

What’s your opinion?
Writing your comments on the margin of a sheet of paper is straightforward. But it’s simpler in MS Word. You can insert written or verbal comments in documents, edit and reply to them. To do so, first highlight the portion on which you want to comment upon by going to Insert and choosing Comment. When you do this, a Window will open towards the bottom of the page, where you can choose to insert a written or verbal comment. A comment could be on anything–you may want to question something that the author has written or ask for clarification. Once you insert your comment, the highlighted portion in the document will become yellow and when you take your mouse to it, you’ll be able to see the comment.

Strike with your pen
Another way of giving your comments in Word is to work in the Track Changes mode. This way, your changes don’t overwrite the original document. The areas where you make the changes get striked through and your changes appear in another color so that anybody else reading the document can read the original and edited versions. To work in this mode, go to Tools, Track Changes, Highlight Changes and click on Track changes while editing.

For lazy fingers
If you use a phrase frequently (like, Kartik Dass, Marketing Manager, ITIndia) you don’t need to type it each time. By using the AutoCorrect feature, each time you type Kartik and press the space bar or Enter, the rest of the text will automatically follow. To do this, first type the entire phrase that you need to repeatedly type, select and copy it. Go to Tools, AutoCorrect and in the space given below Replace, type Kartik, and in the space below With, paste the phrase that you had earlier copied. Click on Add and then OK.

Shrink it
If a few lines of your document spill over to another page, you can use the Shrink to Fit feature to fit it on one page. For this, go to File, Print Preview and click on the Shrink to Fit button.

No formatting, please
If you’re copying and pasting from any application, e-mail or the Web, and don’t want to paste the formatting, go to Edit, Paste Special and double-click on Unformatted Text.

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