ZNetLive & Microsoft to Host Websites for SMBs in Rajasthan at INR 199/month

They offer SMBs technology tools and solutions that include a domain name, website and Office 365 email, in less than 45 seconds

Adeesh Sharma
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Microsoft and ZNetLive, a leading technology provider have come together to empower SMBs in Rajasthan to take their business online, for as low as INR 199. With this offering they aim to help over 20,000 SMBs in Rajasthan reach more customers globally, while making the business more discoverable, keeping the identity secure and enabling collaboration. This partnership will enable all small and big businesses to host and publish their website in less than 45 seconds, and enhance their sales output by connecting with more customers digitally.


“Our association with Microsoft will help SMBs take their businesses online at an affordable price of INR 199 per month. Our offer will not just provide them with website solutions, but also make them more collaborative and productive. We want businesses today, to recognize the power of web and cloud, and translate it to growth,” said Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive.

Present at the event to talk about the success of ZNetLive and Microsoft’s efforts to enable organizations get online and increase productivity, were customers of ZNetLive, Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive and Orchid Consultancy Services.

Anil Sinha, Director, Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive, said, “We are in Tours and Travel business and as per todays business senierio we need powerful collaboration and communication tools to enhance our employees productivity and engage better with our customers, suppliers and vendors across locations. Adoption of Office 365 has enabled us to access the most advanced technologies for our business that is always on, always available, always secure is scalable on demand and is accessible no matter where our employees are at just Rs. 199/ month.”


Saurabh Raut, Director, Orchid Consultancy Services, said, “By adopting Microsoft Office 365, we have successfully solved our business needs in an affordable, per-user model.  Our concerns over reliability, security and availability of our IT needs are a thing of the past, allowing us to focus our precious resources on our core competencies and servicing our customers.”

Manohar Hotchandani, Director, Business Development, Microsoft India said, “Technology has made the world a smaller place with businesses transacting and exchanging ideas globally, and our engagement with ZNetLive is aimed at achieving just that for the SMB community. This offer provides them with opportunities to connect and engage with their existing and prospective customers more seamlessly. This will even help them strengthen their engagement with global customers leveraging secured communication channels through Microsoft Office 365.”

As per a recent report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy, small and medium businesses who adopt IT solutions, grow faster than the ones who are lagging behind. The report also shows that SMEs that adopted IT created more new jobs and drove more revenue growth over the past three years compared to SMEs using little technology. The BCG report, Ahead of the Curve: Lessons on Technology and Growth from Small Business Leaders, found that if more SMEs in India adopted the latest IT tools, there is potential for SME to grow their revenues by $56 billion and create 1.1 million new jobs.