“Zopo is a value for money brand“: Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO, Zopo India

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Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO, Zopo India shares market scenario of the company and the roadmap ahead

Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO, Zopo India

Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO, Zopo India

Tell us about your product portfolio?
We have two brands Zopo and Adcom. Zopo is multinational brand from China. This is basically a premium segment and we are the national distributor for this brand. Hence that is the premium brand which is only into smart phones. And it caters to middle end to high end smart phones similar like what we have the other brands in China.

What are the price bands of your product?
The entry level starts from around Rs5,000. Which is a basic model. While our range goes up to Rs13,000, Rs12,000. We even launched one phone last year which was around Rs3000 that was the world’s fastest phone. And it has a deca-core processor. However Indian
market basically is the price sensitive market. Keeping that in our mind, our price range is between 5K to 13K.

How many models you have in the market?
We have 7 to 8 models as of now. If we talk about Adcom we have mostly feature phones. We have our own assembling line where we assemble feature phones as well as entry level smart phones for Adcom. For Zopo as of now we have third party collaboration for assembling in India. But in couple of months we will be starting our own factory for manufacturing in India, which will be in Noida.
In terms of sales between Adcom and Zopo what is the monthly traction?
Feature phone market is still huge, in which we are doing around 100K for Adcom. In zopo we are not doing in that quantity but with the factory which we are starting, soon we hope to do 100K for Zopo

What are the branding strategies for Zopo?
In offline we have our network across the country. We have our distributors and retailers where we are doing branding. Our distribution is close to 200 in all over India and retailers number is
around 5000 to 6000 and they all are multi brand outlets. But Zopo don’t have exclusive outlets. In offline we are present around in 200 cities. In terms of maximum traction t2, t3 cities are more than metro cities for us. Metro cities prefer more high end brand and the brand which spends lots of money and the brand who is much older than Zopo. But t2, t3 cities know value for money. Zopo is a value for
money product because it’s a multinational brand and it’s a high quality brand. We have our service network which has more than 250 service centers.

What about the online selling of your products?
Both Adcom and Zopo are being sold online. We have recently launched a new model, it is Zopo’s first dual camera model. It has 13MP front and 13+2 MP at the back. We have 3 series, 1st is speed
series, 2nd is color series, 3rd is flash series. And for the online it will be speed series. We have recently launched our product speed X. And we will keep launching more products in coming months.
In online we are again doing marketing and the products will be available on flipkart and amazon. Hence we are doing lots of marketing on social media like Facebook, Google ads and online display ads. For Adcom also we are doing online selling also
that is featured phones.

Is there any brand ambassador in India for zopo?
As of now there is no brand ambassador in India. We have a brand ambassador internationally Jorge Lorenzo. He is the MotoGP champion 3 times. We have also done some TV ads with our brand
ambassador last year around Diwali.

What are the focus points and the roadmap for 12
to 18 months?
Our first focus area is manufacturing our product by own. After couple of months we will be ready to setup our factory in India. Secondly as I mentioned we are not as old as the other big brands so we are still penetrating increasing over speed. So we are still developing over areas and penetrating over brand. Manufacturing and moving up to the factory is the focused area right now.

How do you compete in current market scenario?
The maximum chunk of buyers is Indian people who still would like to get a good decent Smartphone for less price then 10k. And that is
where we would like to attack. Smart phone is the biggest segment where we want to keep our self like our 9,499 prices Smartphone with a premium features. So we would like to play in that area as we
are not very high like the other brands and not low like the Indian brand. We are in the middle in the current market scenario.

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