6 Open Source Internet of Things Platforms

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Internet of Things is enabling new dimensions in the tech-world. The car and home security, health monitoring, business inventory and some other are the areas where developer continuously developing innovative products. Earlier we talked about IOT operating system, now today, we have identified 6 Open Source Internet of  Things Platforms that can enable you to enable IoT.



Arduino is a platform that encompasses both hardware and software. The software includes an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing code in the Arduino language.


DeviceHub.net provide an integrated solution for IoT projects development, combining cloud integration with business intelligence in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies. They offer data gathering, cloud logic, triggers, real-time remote control and analytics in a friendly user interface.

IoT Toolkit

IoT Toolkit is an Open Source project to develop a set of tools for building multi-protocol Internet of Things Gateways and Service gateways that enable horizontal co-operation between multiple different protocols and cloud services.


SiteWhere aims to help companies build scalable Internet of Things (IoT) applications and speed their time-to-market with new products and services. It integrates with MongoDB, HBase, Hortonworks, Clouder, Apache Solr and Twilio, and it supports deployment on nearly any cloud computing platform.


ThingSpeak is an open data platform for the Internet of Things. Key features include real-time data collection, geolocation data support, data processing, data visualizations and device status messages.



Webinos (Secure WebOS Application Environment) is a computing platform for the development of software components that are independent of the utilized computer hardware or operating system. Its goal is to enable developers to write applications that run on any device, including IoT devices, cars, TVs, and smartphones.

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