Call of Duty Mobile gets a new mode: Gun Game

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Call of Duty Mobile has seen quite an explosive launch. Within 2 days, the game ha raked in 25 million downloads and within a week, it had reached a record breaking 100 million downloads. All of this can be attributed to factors like how big the brand was and its already existing fan base, but one cannot deny the fact that Activision is putting in the work with various game modes and adding limited time modes as well. The latest limited time mode to be added to Call of Duty Mobile is the Gun Game mode.

Gun Game is a classic Call of Duty mode which is like Free for All mode where everyone can kill everyone. Except for the fact that things are a bit spiced up in this mode. You get a new gun for every kill. The mode pits 10 players against each other, and each player gets 10 points for killing another player. The players win when they reach 200 points or 20 kills. With each kill, you get a worse gun which makes it progressively more difficult. In the end, all that you have to get your final kill is a knife. Also, the Gun Game mode has a time limit of 10 minutes, but the matches do not usually take that long.

The Gun Game mode is the second limited time mode after Free for All. Free for All is like a solo battle royale, where you go in with your selected loadout instead of finding loot in game. The winner is crowned after they reach their elimination points. Free for All mode will be available until October 18th, while Gun Game mode will go on for 31 days.

In other news, Call of Duty: Mobile is also getting controller support, which I’m sure the console players would like.

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