Users’ Expectations on MIS

August 11, 2001

Developers have to work harder than ever to keep up with users’ expectations that have kept pace with development in software

A Wave Theory of Spending

August 11, 2001

Even though the giant wave of spending of 2000 has fizzled out, the current downturn will help businesses to be better prepared in the future

A slump that caught everyone unawares

July 14, 2001

Economic doldrums knock the wind out of corporate sails, turning the IT world’s premier trade show into a quiet and dry affair. And would-be dot.com millionaires become struggling debtors

No Shortcuts in IT Education

July 14, 2001

Both students and the industry need to mature to end at least some of the woes plaguing education

Tech Slowdown

July 14, 2001

A series on what caused the slowdown and growth opportunities

The Language to Learn

July 14, 2001

A good programmer needs to know more than just one programming language

Making the Right Moves

June 18, 2001

There is something more than meets the eye in Cisco’s $4 billion write-off charges this quarter. Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard seems to be on a risky course

Benchmarking Accounts Receivables

June 18, 2001

Is your accounts-receivables’ software up to the mark?

What’s your Return on Investment?

June 18, 2001

Firms are no longer in a mad rush to be Web-enabled. Instead, they do a cost-benefit analysis first and find out if investments will bring any tangible benefits

Copy Cat

June 18, 2001

Attempts by people to pick up stuff from websites and pass it off as their own are on the increase. One needs to guard against this

Cisco Rightsizes, Microsoft Restrategizes

May 6, 2001

Cisco puts a PR spin even on employee layoffs while Microsoft tries to build customer trust for its .Net strategy

The Printer Dilemma

May 6, 2001

With printing technology having evolved on two very different paths, the market might force you to buy two printers instead of one

Computer Graphics: The Medium of Tomorrow

May 6, 2001

Computer graphics are often associated with only special effects in movies. But their application extends to areas like education, information, and business, too

The Big Picture

May 5, 2001

With every new product or technology being marketed as the next big thing, how can you tell a real winner from a balloon of hot air? 

Change, the Only Constant

April 11, 2001

PCQuest has been slowly changing over the last couple of years. The current redesign consolidates these changes

Read Vs Think

February 28, 2001

How software designing with the help of class libraries and object frameworks raises problems of its own

The Broadband Experience

February 28, 2001

The broadband experience is like reading a book. When you turn a page in a book, you can see the next page immediately and completely. Similarly on broadband, clicking on a link should load the next page instantly

The Great PC Slowdown?

February 8, 2001

Faced with a slowdown in growth in the US market, major PC manufacturers are looking seriously at gadgets. The PC’s future could well be as a content creator and aggregatorfor various gadgets

Conflict of Interest

February 8, 2001

A case study of how organizational politics can affect implementation of information systems

The QoS Factor

December 31, 2000

IT vendors should not give-in to the absurd demands of customers