Gaming Laptop Buying Guide 2021: Things to Keep in Mind

Buying a gaming laptop can be a tough job. This gaming laptop buying guide will help you make the right choice for your budget.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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gaming laptop buying guide

The demand for gaming laptops has seen a rise in recent times. This is due to the global pandemic that the world is struggling with. Due to the rise in demand, laptop companies are producing and coming out with more and more products on a regular basis. The frequent launches can make it hard for consumers to set their minds on one product or laptop.


Out of all the laptops coming out, gaming laptops are seeing great demand. With Nvidia's 3000-series graphic cards making their presence felt in laptops, it can get exceptionally difficult for users to go for a laptop that makes sense for them.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before choosing and investing in a laptop. This gaming laptop buying guide will help you pick the right machine for you.

Go for the Latest Processor


The processor is an essential part of a gaming laptop and plays a major role in determining how long will the laptop last you. There are multiple laptops that are coming out with processors from the previous generation. It is very important to understand your requirements and go for a processor that would suit it. If you are playing games that demand a good multi-core performance, then going for the latest offering is the best option. There can always be confusion between Intel and AMD. You can read more about the debate here.

Choosing a GPU

GPU prices are skyrocketing. This can make it very difficult for users to choose a GPU that they have been wanting for some time. It is best to determine the nature of games that one is going to run on the laptop before choosing a laptop. There are laptops with RTX 20-series as well as the 30-series. The 30-series delivers more power and comes with better performance, but that doesn't mean that the 20-series GPUs are not good any more. If you want to play multiplayer games like PUBG or CoD: WarZone then going for an RTX 20-series card won't be a bad option. You can also wait for AMD to come out with their 6000-series GPUs for laptops. The market is currently seeing a shortage of GPU. It is best to wait for the prices to drop in order to secure a better deal.


Refresh Rate of the Screen

If you play a lot of multiplayer games, refresh rate is a major thing that you should consider. Laptop screens come with multiple refresh rate options starting from 60Hz going all the up to 300Hz. Deciding on this can depend on multiple factors. To start with, if you are more into single-player and story mode games, the refresh rate won't matter much. You need more graphical prowess to enjoy the immersive graphics better. However, if you are playing games like PUBG or any other multiplayer game where the game can turn on its head in a split second, it is best to go for a laptop with a higher refresh rate. This will help you stay on top of your game.

 Ports and Connections


Ports and connections are very important in gaming laptops. Unlike PCs, you can not add more connections to a laptop. If you are getting a laptop for gaming, then you will be connecting an external mouse for gaming. You might also need separate ports for the microphone and the headphone. All of these need to be taken into consideration before getting a gaming laptop. The RJ45 LAN port is also very important as you can't have the game lag while being on Wi-Fi.

Price Doesn't Always Mean Better Performance

One can find gaming laptops in all ranges. The price difference does come from the hardware difference, but there can be instances where you see two laptops with the same configuration but different price ranges. In this case, most people believe that paying more will get them more performance, this is not true. One needs to be mindful of the games that need to be run and the ideal system requirements for the games. Based on these, a choice needs to be made. The price does not always mean better performance.


Skills Need to be on Heat, Not the Laptop

Gaming laptops can get very hot as a result of extensive gaming. This can be risky for the internals of the laptop and get discomforting for the user as well. before getting a laptop, it is best to go for a laptop that has a good thermal system and is able to keep the temperatures stagnant. Fluctuating temperatures can be harmful to the laptop, and it can be at the risk of shutting down on its own.

These are the things that users need to keep in mind while choosing a gaming laptop. There are multiple gaming laptop guides, but this guide will help you sort out the basic and essential things that you need to keep in mind. Everything else can be taken care of later.