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Software Ownership Transfer

“Software Ownership Transfer” By Vinod Sankaranarayanan

February 15, 2017

Do you want to save your time and develop a right method to transfer a software ownership? It's quite often when companies spend a lot of time to develop a ...

Bridge the Divide Between Digital and Analogue to Enhance Omnichannel Customer Experience

Bridge the Divide Between Digital and Analogue to Enhance Omnichannel Customer Experience

December 5, 2016

It’s no longer brick and mortar stores vs e-commerce, omnichannel is the new reality for success among retailers. If your strategy is to first ‘wow’ customers by going digital out, make ...

Is Mobile Payment Security Cutting Risks and Improving Consumer Expectation?

July 22, 2016

According to new research from global IT association ISACA, advancements in mobile payment security technology are actually curbing risks and improving consumer trust beyond levels traditionally associated with plastic payment ...

big data on hadoop

Getting Started with Big Data on Hadoop-Part I

October 6, 2015

- Narayana Murthy Pola, Sr. Project Manager, DST India “Big Data” technologies are increasingly related to every walk of human life. No aspect of it is left untouched by these ever-evolving ...

Vikram, CTO, Vizury

5 Big Data Costs you Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore

May 20, 2015

Eerybody thinks that big data is a magical pill that you gulp, and voila, everything falls into place. One of the most common traps is to think of cost only at the level ...

PCQLinux ARM Cross Compiler Appliance for AWS

November 21, 2013

We have distributed few PCQLinux appliances for Raspberry Pi earlier. This time we thought of taking our PCQLinux series of appliances to the cloud. And hence we are here with a few AWS appliances

Cybage Deploys IBM Rack Servers & Achieve a Server/Desktop Consolidation Ratio of 1:213

May 23, 2013

Cybage Software is an offshore software services company that is based in India. Headquartered in Pune, the company has five deployment centers in India, five offices in USA and one ...

Big Data’s Secret Big Problem

April 14, 2013

Jeff Morris, Vice President of Product Marketing for leading open source Business Intelligence (BI) specialist Actuate, explains ways of getting the most out of your Big Data projects – and what can be learnt from what we are already doing in Asia Pacific

‘Surveillance is No Longer Just a Matter of Passively Monitoring what’s Happening’

February 22, 2013

1. Doesn't the use of local SD cards in the cameras act as a space limitation for an intensive task such as surveillance?On the face of it, yes it ...

Build Your Personal Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

December 18, 2012

Take advantage of the popular LAMP stack by building your own personal cloud which will help you share files, media, contacts and calendar information with built-in PDF viewing and version control capabilities

First Step to Building a Private Cloud on Windows Server 2012

December 1, 2012

One of the biggest things being touted about the latest server OS from Microsoft is its private cloud building capabilities. We put the OS to the grind in our lab and show how to build the Infrastructure as a Service component of a private cloud

Airtel has helped TowerVision to deploy cost-effective managed telecom services across 18 offices which handles 8500 sites

December 1, 2012

The national level tower asset management company adopted Bharti airtel’s network infrastructure to reduce cost, improve communication, and honor its business commitments.

­SMEs & Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Crowdsource

March 2, 2012

­It’s time to start considering the collective wisdom of the online crowd that goes beyond the boundaries of offshore companies that have full-fledged outsourcing setup to get your job done. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up, an SME or an established company, the online crowdsourcing market offers you more choice to choose the best to help your business reduce costs, increase profit and accelerate growth

Cloud-Based Vs Local Storage

March 2, 2012

Cloud-based storage offers its own share of added advantages and disadvantages. Does it fare well as compared to local storage? Or is local storage a better choice? In this article, we attempt to answer this

Joomla 2.5: Promising Changes, Bright Prospects

February 23, 2012

Joomla 2.5 released recently comes with many new features on-board. How good (or bad) is it? Read on as we take a look at the CMS

Implementing XenDesktop: A Free VDI solution

December 1, 2011

Last month, we talked about implementing the VDI solution from VMware. This month, we look at XenDesktop, which is easy to install and can be used with multiple hypervisors

Cloud-Based Recruitment Solutions

December 1, 2011

We checked out four SaaS based online recruitment services that let you manage CVs, invite candidates for interviews, etc to find the right manpower for your organization

Enhancing Websites With Django

December 1, 2011

Django is a free, Python-based web framework used to create apps for websites. Through this article, we show you how

Creating Websites with Sitefinity CMS

November 1, 2011

An enterprise-friendly .NET based CMS that features a drag and drop interface which is extremely easy to use and manoeuvre

OrangeHRM — An Open Source HRM Tool

November 1, 2011

An enterprise-friendly .NET based CMS that features a drag and drop interface which is extremely easy to use and manoeuvre