Oppo Mobile Vs. OnePlus Mobile- Which Smartphone is Better?

Oppo and OnePlus are drastically different brands owned by the same parent company BBK Electronics. BBK Electronics owns five major mobile brands: Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and iQOO

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Oppo Mobile Vs. OnePlus Mobile Which Smartphone is Better 1

Oppo Mobile and OnePlus mobile have gained a sufficient market share because of their innovative technology and their reach for the mass market. Oppo and OnePlus are drastically different brands owned by the same parent company BBK Electronics. BBK Electronics owns five major mobile brands: Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and iQOO. The brands owned by the company are focused on offering affordable performance at a lower price point.

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Which is Better- Oppo or OnePlus?

Despite being owned by the same parent company the two brands speak of two different brand personalities. Here are the significant differences between the two brands- Oppo mobile vs OnePlus mobile:


Operating System- Biggest Contributing Factor

OnePlus mobile looks at offering high- end specifications at a reasonable and affordable price point. The phones under OnePlus mobile brand offer a smooth, clean and customized interface with the help of their OxygenOS software which is aimed at delivering extraordinary performance.

Oppo mobile on the other hand has a wider portfolio of mobile phones which offers mobile phones in different price range: low, mid- range and high- range. Oppo uses ColorOS software which actually creates the biggest difference between Oppo mobile and OnePlus mobile. OxygenOS used by the OnePlus mobile is based on ColorOS, but OxygenOS does not include any bloatware, which refers to providing only necessary apps and Google Services. This definitely makes OnePlus mobiles smoother in functioning as compared to Oppo mobiles, if they tend to have similar specifications.


Features and Camera

OnePlus mobiles comes with a five- year warranty, so if you are looking for a phone that can last for long then OnePlus is your choice. Most of the OnePlus mobiles have a 50MP main camera which certainly offers a good resolution. The selfie camera for OnePlus phones is 16MP and this is where Oppo mobile takes the lead.

Oppo mobiles are known very well for their good battery life, reliable performance and motorized pop- up selfie camera. Most of the Oppo mobiles come with a 32MP selfie camera and this selfie camera is the bestselling feature of Oppo mobile phones in the market. Oppo mobiles are definitely good for taking pictures, as they feature high- end cameras which come with unbeatable features like dual lenses, AI - enhanced imaging, 10x hybrid zoom camera and optical image stabilization. Oppo mobile cameras also offer AI beauty filters which help in taking high – quality pictures.


OnePlus Community

Another amazing feature for OnePlus users which acts as a platform to connect all the OnePlus users across the world. OnePlus community is a group of OnePlus users who share technical advice, their experience and ideas with fellow users around the world. You can join the community by installing the OnePlus community app available on Google Play Store. Click Here to get the app from Play Store. This unique feature definitely acts as a plus point for OnePlus mobiles.

Should You Buy Oppo or OnePlus?


So, if you are looking for a smartphone with a sleek design which is reliable, stylish, has excellent camera technology and falls in an affordable range then Oppo mobile is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a flagship phone with a premium mobile interface and technology and an affordable price tag, then we recommend OnePlus for you.

Strategy Behind the Marketing for Oppo and OnePlus Mobiles


Oppo and OnePlus mobiles are focused on offering affordable performance, but the innovative marketing and sales strategies used by the parent company have created a unique perception for the brands in the eyes of the customers.

Marketing Strategy Behind OnePlus

OnePlus mobile one was launched in the year 2014 and it was promoted as ‘Flagship Killer’ which referred to its affordable price tag and technical specifications. Since then, OnePlus mobile has evolved over the years and the brand includes more than just few flagship killers.


Marketing Strategy Behind Oppo

Oppo mobile on the other hand targets young consumers who have an interest in the selfie picture quality of the phone. Oppo mobile has established itself as an expert in selfie and group selfie technology and has been ranked as number four in this technology by the young generation. The brand makes products exclusively for the single market segment that comprises of millennials who have just started their jobs or are still in college. Oppo also uses cross- brand collaborations to increase its market share. Last Year, Oppo signed a deal with Huawei to license its 5G technology and this move will allow the company to expand its presence and market share in India.

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·       Oppo Reno 11 Pro 5G- Rs. 26,919

·       Oppo A59 5G- Rs. 15,499

·       Oppo Reno 11 5G- Rs. 26,919

·       Oppo A79 5G- Rs. 17,499

·       Oppo A18- Rs. 8,999

·       Oppo A38- Rs. 9,999

Top OnePlus Mobiles of 2024

·       OnePlus Nord CE 4- Rs. 26,998

·       OnePlus Nord N20 SE- Rs. 12,720

·       OnePlus 12- Rs. 69,998

·       OnePlus Open- Rs. 1,39,999

·       OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G- Rs. 18,999

·       OnePlus Nord 3 5G- Rs. 20,999

·       OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G- Rs. 19,999

If you are looking for excellent camera technology and affordability according to the budget then we recommend Oppo mobile, but if you are looking for smooth functioning, high- performance and affordability based on exclusive features we definitely recommend OnePlus mobile for you.

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