Google Fully Acquired Cameyo; What Does it Mean for ChromeOS Users?

Google has acquired Cameyo, a software virtualization company it partnered with in 2023 to make Windows applications accessible on ChromeOS.

Kapish Khajuria
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Google Acquires Cameyo ChromeOS Impact

Google has acquired Cameyo, a software virtualization company it partnered with in 2023 to make Windows applications accessible on ChromeOS. According to Google, "By bringing the Cameyo team's expertise in-house, we are doubling down on our commitment to delivering a streamlined experience for virtualized applications."


Last year, Google collaborated with Cameyo to integrate virtual applications with ChromeOS, supporting local file systems and enhancing clipboard functionality. Now, the acquisition aims to provide Chromebook users with seamless access to virtualized Windows apps directly on their devices.

How will Cameyo make Windows apps compatible with ChromeOS users?

Traditionally, businesses have relied on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to run virtual or legacy applications without installing them directly on their systems. However, VDI requires specialized management and can introduce security and operational challenges.


Cameyo, on the other hand, utilizes Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) technology. This method allows Windows applications to run on ChromeOS as progressive web apps (PWAs), eliminating the need for complex installations or Windows desktop emulation. These PWAs integrate easily with the device’s file system, offering a user experience akin to native apps.

From a consumer perspective, VAD simplifies app management and ensures that software remains up-to-date and secure. Users can run virtual apps without needing to log into a separate virtual desktop environment, making the process more straightforward and efficient.

How will Chromebook users benefit from this Cameyo acquisition?


Google’s acquisition of Cameyo promises significant benefits for Chromebook users. According to Google's press release, this move will grant ChromeOS users easier access to legacy applications without the hassle of complex installations or updates. The integration of Cameyo’s technology will also aid businesses in adopting web-based technology by simplifying app deployment across various locations.

Moreover, Cameyo’s VAD technology will enhance data protection and reduce the costs associated with running virtual apps. By leveraging Cameyo’s solutions, Google aims to streamline virtual app experiences, making Chromebooks more versatile and user-friendly for both personal and professional use.

This acquisition underscores Google's dedication to enhancing ChromeOS functionality and the user experience. By incorporating Cameyo’s expertise, Google is poised to deliver more efficient, secure, and accessible virtual application solutions, driving the broader adoption of ChromeOS in various sectors.