Part 2: Tech Trends That Will Take Over 2018

Take a glimpse at the shape that the field of technology will take in the new year. Know the tech trends and developments, which awaits us in 2018.

Jagrati Rakheja
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Last day of the year 2017 and we still can’t get over the tech trends that will take over 2018. No matter, if you are not a tech-savvy, you still won’t resist taking a glimpse at the shape that the field of technology will take in the new year.


Previously, in the first part of this article, we discussed how the cars will get smarter and how blockchain and AI will take the transformation in technology forward.

But today, we have got insights from some noteworthy people from the industry to know the tech trends and developments, which awaits us in 2018.

While talking to PCQUEST Ambika Sharma, Founder & MD of Instappy, a leading cloud-based app creating platform, stated, “in 2018, AI – especially Deep Learning – will be integrated with existing platforms to improve and optimize current consumer-facing technologies. As consumer expectations and requirements change, existing technology will have to become more accessible to the market. More businesses and content creators of various sorts will try to create apps to become more accessible to their target demographics. They will use AI-driven analytics to better understand their users and their behavior, as well as target their marketing initiatives and offers better”.


Ambika also shared her views on the technologies that will take the upgrade road in 2018. She remarked, “chatbots will become better and more useful, as the back-end technology has improved considerably. Also, because it will have a larger data-set to utilize to offer better solutions to individual users. Furthermore, Internet-of-Things (IoT) will become more commonplace, getting better integrated into current mobile platforms. Allowing the creation of better monitoring and evaluating systems, leading to greater optimization”.

Furthermore, the notion of Dr Sindhu Joseph, CEO & Co-Founder, Cognicor, regarding technology trends is quite similar to that of Ambika. Sindhu predicted, “AI will find its way more into many mainstream products. With Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Cortana leading the consumer revolution in bringing digital assistants to our living rooms, we will see more usage of voice and chat interfaces. Cognitive chatbots understand your data, preferences and can conduct conversations in natural language. Chatbots will carry out tasks such as sales, on-boarding and troubleshooting. Businesses will deploy cognitive virtual agents at their touch points and in contact centres. Chances are that some of your interactions with businesses would be completely managed by bots”.

Hence the conclusion, AI, IoT, smart cars and chatbots will be the key players in the world of technology in 2018.

So, let us look forward to how innovations surprise us on these fronts.

Stay Techilious!


Happy New Year!

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