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Log4j vulnerability: A major disaster that the tech industry faced

by March 31, 2022

A serious cyber risk vulnerability was found in an open-source Apache Foundation which compromised the IT landscape, creating a meltdown in the tech world. Log4j is a logging utility …

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Evolving cyber threat tactics keeping businesses and individuals alike on their toes

by March 22, 2022

Soma Tah & Ashok Pandey   The burgeoning cybercrime marketplace offering Cybercrime-as-a-Service has not only made it easier for even …

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Tips to create a secure ‘Work from Home’ culture and practices

by March 15, 2022

Soma Tah & Ashok Pandey   The future of work is remote and hybrid and there is no way organizations can afford to ignore …

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Malicious actors on the prowl; Don’t let your guard down, ever!

by March 15, 2022

Soma Tah & Ashok Pandey    The enterprise attack surface has grown exponentially during the New Normal of Work. Remote work, virtual meetings along with digitalization …

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How suppliers can mitigate the growing supply chain risks with proactive defense

by December 21, 2021

Supply chain attacks are predicted to quadruple in 2021 and unfortunately, various forms of cyber-attacks have become the norm across nearly every industry. Cybersecurity Ventures has predicted that, by …

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Ace the rapidly evolving cybersecurity game with Adaptive Cybersecurity

by August 31, 2021

COVID 19 has changed the way we do business. A global survey by Gartner states that 88% of the organizations surveyed have made it mandatory or encouraged their …

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Collaboration and automation are key to secure organizations in the New Normal

by June 25, 2021

Soma Tah The COVID-19 pandemic has caused monumental changes in the security outlook for organizations as more and more of their infrastructure becomes distributed across the globe. …

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6 Best Practises that can help safeguard your organisation from data breaches

by May 6, 2021

Data Breaches a.k.a known as ‘Data robbery’ practice, have become one of the most common technology-related crimes in this increasingly technologically connected world in which unauthorised people access your information …

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5 cyber safety tips for women

by March 8, 2019

There is less doubt that women are more social, expressive and vocal as compared to men and what better means to enjoy such freedom of expression than the social media. …

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37% of Organizations Impacted by Cryptomining over Past Year, shows Check Point’s 2019 Security Report

by January 25, 2019

 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has published the first instalment of its 2019 Security Report.  The Report highlights the main tactics cyber-criminals are using to attack organizations worldwide …

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EY strengthens its collaboration with IBM with the launch of next-gen SOCs

by January 9, 2019

EY strengthened its collaboration with IBM with the launch of advanced Security Operations Centre (SOCs) as part of its Managed Services offerings in India. Equipped with leading-edge NextGen …

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BlackBerry Launches New Ransomware Recovery Solution

by August 8, 2018

BlackBerry Limited announced its next-generation BlackBerry Workspaces content collaboration platform, featuring a new ransomware recovery capability that allows organizations to quickly recover from cyber attacks. Despite even …

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Top Five Security Products for SMEs

by June 15, 2018

The small and medium sized enterprises have not escaped the prowling eyes of cyber criminals. While there is comfort in choosing to believe that cyber criminals would only …

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Delphi Infotech Introduces Mimecast to customers and partners in India

by May 1, 2018

Delphi Infotech Private Limited successfully completed its Mimecast introduction in India. The event witnessed the presence of prominent CIOs- Pradeep Wason- Chief Manager of Bennet Coleman & Company Ltd., A P …

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Gemalto to protect 5G next generation networks from cyber-attacks with Intel Software Guard Extensions

by April 20, 2018

Gemalto announced it is bolstering protection against cyber-attacks for the new generation of cloud-based virtualized networks being planned and deployed with Intel technology. This new initiative combines the Intel …

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Mathivanan V, ManageEngine: Cyber attacks aren’t likely to slow down in 2018

by April 9, 2018

Cloud computing makes data omnipresent. Thus, the pervasiveness of data requires protection and security; cloud security plays a paramount role here. In the present day scenario, cloud security has to face …

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F-Secure Introduces Unique Partner-Driven Service to Stop Targeted Cyber Attacks Globally

by March 7, 2018

Businesses globally are being compromised by an onslaught of targeted and fileless cyber attacks, and industry-leading cybersecurity vendor F-Secure is answering the demand for new types of services to combat …

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How Predictive Intelligence is useful in Crime Prevention

by July 14, 2017

By Tarun Wig, Co-Founder, Innefu Labs When technology reaches into the wrong hands, they misuse it to terrify the world. Nations cannot stop the flow of information, they are …

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Millennials Are Most Risk Prone To Cyber Security Threats

by March 7, 2017

  By Surendra Singh, Country Director, Forcepoint Alistair Maclean, the author of several thrillers, wrote a page-turner way back in the sixties, called the `Fear is the Key’. It is a tale …

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Cybersecurity Report Finds Wide Majority of Organizations have been Victimized by Cyber Attacks

by August 31, 2016

A surprising outcome of the growing use of encryption technology is an increase in cyber attacks, according to a new report from A10 Networks. Conducted in partnership with Ponemon Institute, …

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