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Three ways enterprises can achieve quick digital transformation and add value to business processes through technology-integration

by September 18, 2018

By Rama Krishna Kuppa, CEO & Founder, ONGO Framework Unlike large enterprises, small and medium enterprises have the unique advantage of achieving digital transformation in a more efficient and quick manner. …

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Why analytics technology transformation is crucial for enterprises today?

by September 13, 2018

Author – Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage Does your analytics technology need an upgrade? Analytics is driven by two key …

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Digitization is the new mantra – Solutions Infini

by December 5, 2017

Aniketh Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, Solutions Infini talks about their multichannel framework for the customers to bridge the gap between enterprise/startups with customers. 1. What is the idea behind Solutions Infini? Solutions …

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Microsoft Introduced Azure Location Based Services

by November 30, 2017

Microsoft announced the launch of Azure Location Based Services – a new public cloud offering for enterprise customers, providing location capabilities built and integrated directly into Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. The …

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VMware and Pivotal Launch Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

by September 8, 2017

At VMworld 2017,VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) and Pivotal Software, Inc.,in collaboration with Google Cloud, unveiled Pivotal Container Service™ (PKS), a new product, which enables enterprises and service providers to deliver production-ready …

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Vodafone Mobile Workforce Essentials to Improve Field Force Productivity

by July 28, 2017

Vodafone Business Services (VBS), the enterprise arm of Vodafone India has introduced Mobile Workforce Essentials, a cloud-based business application suite that empowers enterprises to get the most out of their …

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Panasonic Showcases Connected Solutions for Enterprise, SMBs and SOHOs

by March 18, 2017

Panasonic India showcased its innovative range of Connected Solutions that will help make a meaningful difference to consumers’ lives. The company showcased its futuristic technologies ranging from City Surveillance to …

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HP Enterprise Introduces Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

by November 28, 2016

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a comprehensive set of Managed services for Microsoft Azure to enable design, deployment, delivery and daily operational support for the public cloud platform. As companies …

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Security of Enterprise Networks, and Sensitivity of Cloud: Interview with Rajesh Maurya, Regional Director of Fortinet

by November 23, 2016

Cloud and IoT have ensured the expansion of networks and inter-networks, for storage of data instead of silos of data. As Cloud leverages agility to all online transactions or transmissions …

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Pushing the limits: The App Ecosystem

by December 8, 2015

– Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies India is characterized by a high service dearth that ICT industry can potentially upgrade. Access and inclusion to basic services that include healthcare, education, agricultural …

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Emerging Trends in Enterprise Storage Tech

by November 23, 2015

– Mark Re – SVP, CTO, Seagate Technology We live in the era of data explosion and the time has come for organizations to plan for a robust data storage infrastructure …

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Software Defined VPN: Driving Enterprise Networks at Top Speeds

by October 15, 2015

– Anuj Goel, Consultant, IP Division, Alcatel-Lucent, India Traditional service provider Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are based on rigid functionality that can be deployed across the widest customer base with …

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The Cloud of the Future

by September 16, 2015

According to the research firm IDC, small businesses using cloud computing are 1.7 times more likely to have over 10 percent revenue growth compared to similar sized companies in general. …

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10 Enterprise Database Systems

by May 12, 2015

In this digital era, data is being generated every second and managing such huge data has become a hassle for enterprises. Here are the ten best database management system softwares …

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Two Enterprise Blade Servers

by April 1, 2010

We evaluated Dell’s hot new M1000e Blade Enclosure, and NetWeb’s Tyrone Blade system to find the ideal solution for your data center

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