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5 Apps that can be your Hacks to Survive Last-minute Travel Plans

by November 26, 2018

There are some eternal restless souls who don’t believe in planning there way out to a destination. For them, it’s just one impulsive decision that make them pack …

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Samsung India: Empowering the Frontline

by November 18, 2018

Solution Requirment Samsung required an effective way for its sales team to be able to record day to day activities including attendance, geo-tagging, audits at retailer & distributor locations, retrieval of …

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This International Women’s Day, These Tech Companies are Ensuring Women Travel Safer on Roads

by March 8, 2018

While Government bodies and law agencies aim to improve vigilance, there are technology players alongside who are also coming up with tech-based solutions and wearable devices that can ensure women …

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Share Your Trips and Real-time Location from Google Maps

by March 24, 2017

“Where are you now?” and “What’s your ETA?” Whether you’re heading to a party or meeting up for dinner, you probably hear questions like this pretty often from family and …

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