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Tablet Revolution: Get Ready for the Next Billion Internet Users

March 19, 2014

In 2011, the average tablet cost more than a PC and was a multimedia toy for those who already had computers and smartphones. Today, several factors are enabling its mass adoption, but will it really become another success story like the cellphone? Read on…

6-Point Guide to Teaching Your Organization to Trust Big Data

March 18, 2014

With big data, the biggest hurdle isn’t so much achieving success, it’s actually getting people to believe in big data -to trust it. And it’s not just trusting the data itself, it’s trusting what can be done with the data

5 Key Trends that’ll Impact Enterprises in 2014 and Beyond

March 18, 2014

From BYOD to Software defined everything to XaaS (everything as a service) to personal clouds there’s a lot of action happening in the world of IT

IT Lifecycle Assurance – Helping Businesses Derive Value

March 18, 2014

Six out of ten IT programs do not get the requirements right, resulting in extensive effort towards rework. The ‘Assurance’ layer can become the effective bridge between Business and IT

Three Ways They’ll Snoop On You in 2014

March 14, 2014

NSA, Prism, Snowden. India’s Central Monitoring System (CMS). 2013 was the
year of government-sponsored snooping.

Building Telephony in the Cloud

March 14, 2014

PBX systems, whether in-house or on cloud, manage business interactions with prospects, customers and vendors over phone in an effective & efficient way. Despite providing a few common benefits, these ...

New Trends in Big Data Space will Accelerate Adoption of Agile Analytics

March 14, 2014

Companies that aspire to achieve competitive advantage by using data as a key asset must build their execution plan around two phases, as described by HBR bloggers Redman & Sweeney*:

Security Landscape 2014: Emerging Solutions

March 13, 2014

Along with legacy security solutions of different vendors, new ideas and solutions are something to expect this year. How about biometric authentication in mobile devices, or a whole new world wide web to start with? Read on…

Flash is Changing the way Data Centers are Designed

February 18, 2014

With the whole data explosion taking place across the globe, the need for advanced and effective data processing technology is evidently the need of hour. With an estimated 2.5 quintillion ...

Building the Cybersecurity Roadmap

February 3, 2014

s technology becomes more complex the onslaught of cyber criminals is shooting up at an unparalleled rate. Though there are several form of cyber attacks, worldwide phishing attacks seem to ...

PCQLinux GParted AWS Appliance

December 30, 2013

Having trouble getting your Amazon EC2’s graphics on your client machine? Then using GParted over SSH with an X11 Server on your client machine is the safest bet

Transformation in 2014 Will Determine Indian IT’s Survival in 2020: Zinnov

December 26, 2013

Zinnov, a leading Market Expansion and Globalization Advisory firm, today released its outlook for the Indian IT landscape in 2014. With the industry at an inflection point - similar to ...

Cisco Technology Radar 2014

December 26, 2013

Spotting the next innovation, that could benefit customers or challenge the success of existing products, is top-of-mind for every company. Keeping a finger on the pulse of every innovation that ...

10 Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing

December 23, 2013

The growing knowledge, understanding and comfort levels among C-level executives regarding cloud computing will lead to even more substantial adoption rate increases in 2014 than experienced in the last few ...

5 Resolutions to Prepare IT Pros for 2014 Trends

December 23, 2013

ISACA highlights Privacy 2.0, slimmed-down big data, heated-up cybersecurity and data analytics job market, outsourced security, and the Internet of even more Things

Why Big Data & Business Analytics will Take Centerstage in 2014?

December 23, 2013

Big Data will allow organizations to track new ‘signals’ and measures of performance, and understanding of their customers, turn new insights into operations

Why Banks Will Require a More Sophisticated Practice of Social Analytics

December 23, 2013

Banks will need to frame a social media strategy with well-defined metrics to leverage ‘Responsive Operations’ that can not only arrest customer churn but also increase brand value, helping new customer acquisition

Three Sectors to Drive Innovation in 2014

December 23, 2013

We can expect accelerated adoption and increased demand for connected experiences across industries and around the globe

How Big Data as a Disruptive Technology Will Shape Enterprises in 2014

December 23, 2013

In India, a small number of organizations are already investing heavily in big data solutions, while the majority of organizations are in the very early stages of discovery and understanding