CoD’s Free to play Battle Royale Warzone releases tomorrow

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Activision tried (and failed) to do an Apex style release of their upcoming Call of Duty Battle Royale, Warzone. There had been a ton of leaks regarding the BR, with the most recent one being yesterday’s gameplay. It seems like they decided to give up at this point and released a new trailer ahead Warzone’s release. 

From what we know, Warzone will have an expansive map called Verdansk and will have in game currency which the players will earn during the match and will be used buy perks and even free your squadmates from the Gulag once they are ‘captured’ (in Warzone instead of dying, the players will get captured and sent to Gulag).  

The Gulag will also give players the chance to come back in the match even if their squadmates don’t have the cash to free them. Basically, they will have to win a 1v1 gun fight against another opponent to be freed. 

Warzone will have vehicles as well, which includes helicopters. From the trailer, it seems it will also have dogs. There are also reports that it will have killstreaks. And instead of 100 players, it will be a 150 player BR. 

For owners of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone will release today at 8:30 pm IST and it will release as Free to Play standalone game tomorrow at 12:30 am IST. 

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