4 Massive Power Banks for Adventures Travellers

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Do you remember the trip and mess happened just because of no power juice left in your gadgets? Yes, surely you do remember because you forgot to carry an alternative power source. You lost all the juice of devices be it smartphone, camera and any other device.

Carrying an alternative power source is a right solution to this problem, but will it be enough for a couple of days or weeks! Simply no, especially when you are out in terrains. I have doubt

Nowadays, people are carrying more than three devices in their daily life and during the holidays the numbers can go higher. The simple solution to the problem be connected with friends and family all the time is – carry a massive power source with you.


Anker PowerHouse 400Wh/120000mAh Powerbank

Anker PowerHouse 400Wh/120000mAh Powerbank

Price: Rs. 65,000

A massive powerhouse with 120,000mAh battery inside. The portable generator alternative is silent DC/AC power inverter and comes with 4 USB outputs. It can be charged via AC or Solar. It is one of the perfect choices for camping.

Lizone 50000mAh Extra Pro Powerbank

Lizone 50000mAh Extra Pro Powerbank

Price: Rs. 37,090

If the Anker powerhouse has too much power and you need a bit lower one then this can be your choice. This can charge your smartphone as well as Macbook laptops on the go. The portable power bank is compact in size and ideal for almost every device you carry.

Voltaic Systems 9.0W “Fuse 9W” 1032-S Portable Solar Charger

Voltaic Systems 9.0W "Fuse 9W" 1032-S Portable Solar Charger

Price: Rs. 24,690

Don’t want to carry a massive battery! Don’t worry Fuse 9W is a solar solution that can charge full-size tablets and smartphones. It comes with universal attachment system, meaning it can be attached to backpacks, bicycles, MOLLE gear, or wherever solar power is needed.

Solpro Helios Smart 5000mAh Tri-Fold Solar Charging Power Bank

Solpro Helios Smart 5000mAh Tri-Fold Solar Charging Power Bank

Price: Rs. 17,490

The solar powered smart charger comes with a built-in 5000mAh battery enabling the user to power up devices like smartphone, tablets, etc. It is just like other USB power bank. Charge the internal 5,000mAh battery using solar power and power up mobile devices on the go.

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