6 Best Free SEO Tools for Startups

Here is a list of the best free tools for SEO startup

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You can use these tools for enhancing your strategies until you garner enough revenue to move on to bigger and better tools. Here is a list of the best free tools for SEO startups...



Moz has a whole suite of SEO tools that you can try . These tools include keyword tracking, ranking monitoring, on-page optimizations, and link tracking, just to name a few.The users can manage and update business listings across the web with a single platform.



Merge words is fast and easy to use for domain registrations, Google Adwords, whatever. Use MergeWords to research keywords for rankings and domains, and queries for link building. It’s an efficient tool for organizing all search information into data that you can use to plan your strategies.


With the use of Buffer software, scheduling all of your social media content interactions is simple. It has a comprehensive content builder that enables filling in SEO-optimized content and setting up a publishing time frame to keep your campaign on track. It’s one of the best tools for staying ahead of the social game.


 Google Tools

Google has an arsenal of tools that you should at least check out when it comes to search engine optimization. Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, PageSpeed Insights, and more can all be utilized to test the success of all SEO-related content and strategies. The best part is, most of these tools are entirely free for the basic versions.

 Screaming Frog


This free tool is legendary for its ability to “spider crawl” through websites, links, images, code, and apps in order to collect useful data for maintaining your website.  You’ll be able to fix many of the errors that would otherwise hurt your rankings, such as image errors, incomplete meta tags, or copied content. Screaming Frog is also very useful for spying on competition and receiving reports on inbound and outbound links.


It is an excellent tool for gathering insightful data about your websites, customers, or even competitors. It can also be used to define a target audience, pick up on branding cues, report on traffic sources, and track other helpful metrics. Though there are other free tools that do the same thing, this apparatus is particularly useful because it delivers all the information in easy-to-read graphs, which simplifies the process.

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