6 Tools for Java Developers

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Learning these six tools can help you improve the quality of your code and become a more efficient Java developer.


This works like a Swiss army knife of IDEs, featuring a heavily customizable interface and countless plugins. This separates its workflow into three areas: the Workbench, the workspace, and the perspective.



This is a project automation tool that builds on the features of Apache Maven and Apache Ant. While Gradle isn’t the most popular build tool available (that honor goes to Maven, which 64% of Java developers prefer).



This is a documentation generator provided by Oracle. It parses specially formatted comments into HTML documents. Javadoc automatically formats tags and keywords unless otherwise specified.



This tool is an open source framework for writing and running unit tests. A basic JUnit test consists of a testing class, a testing method, and the functionality to be tested.



This analyzes Java code for test coverage and generates HTML-based reports based on the amount of code that isn’t covered by testing.



This compiled code against a database of bugs, and when provided with the source code, FindBugs also highlights the lines of code affected by detected bugs.

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  1. rajii
    #1 rajii 31 March, 2017, 04:02


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  2. pranit
    #2 pranit 18 November, 2017, 06:34

    awesome list of tools! for java developers, i have also gone through Raygun, Stack Hunter, Sentry, Takipi and Airbrake If at all you look at technology the java ecosystem is growing exponentially and there is a demand for high performance. Thanks for sharing this list of tool.

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