AMD Will Unveil Its New Zen 3 Architecture on October 8th, New Ryzen

What are the AMD Zen 3 specs? AMD Zen 3 price? AMD Zen 3 RED October. AMD Zen 3 Architecture is based on the 7nm+ process. AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Processors

Sushant Rohan Singh
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AMD is going to end the year 2020 with a slew of launches. The term RED October has already been assigned to the month by AMD fans who can't wait to get their hands on the new Zen 3 line of processors. AMD has been hyping its all-new Zen 3 architecture for some time now and with the official reveal happening on October 8th, the hype train is now moving faster than ever. AMD CEO Lisa Su recently confirmed its launch on October 8 with a short teaser video on twitter. The launch of AMD's Zen 3 has also given rise to a ton of rumours and some of them might even come true.


What are the AMD Zen 3 specs?

The new AMD Zen 3 Architecture is based on the 7nm+ process which offers improvements over the existing 7nm process found in Zen 2 architecture. This new design is expected to be the product of a shift to 7nm EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography. That should allow for a potential 20% increase in transistor density while lowering power consumption by 10%.

The improved 7nm+ process on the Zen 3 would also offer new chips higher clock speeds while maintaining lower power consumption. The new process may also come with an 8% to 10% increase in IPC (instructions-per-clock). Topping that off, rumours have suggested that AMD will introduce a new level of simultaneous multithreading in Zen 3 chips that would allow a single core to handle four threads (e.g., a 4-core/16-thread CPU or a 16-core/64-thread CPU).

Even more, the cache is another potential upgrade we could see in Zen 3-based processors. AMD packed Ryzen 3000 processors with cache, and that abundance of extra fast memory may have played a part in the excellent gaming performance across the board for Ryzen 3000 processors. There have been no indications that Zen 3 will move away from DDR4 and the only recently introduced PCIe 4.0 standard.

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