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Immersive technology offers widespread options

by March 25, 2020

Tithi & Gautam Tewari, Founders of SmartVizX and Creators of Trezi, feel that through collaboration, millions of dollars can be saved worldwide which would have otherwise been spent on shopping …

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8 Uses of Blockchain Other Than Bitcoin

by March 16, 2020

While Bitcoin is a public blockchain, you can also have a private one and a combination of the two called hybrid blockchain. All this can be used by individuals, corporations …

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Future of Transportation: 10 Things to Consider

by March 6, 2020

It’s quite difficult to predict the future of urban mobility, both in India and across the world. Technology will play a large part in how the entire transportation industry plays …

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5G Could Revolutionize Smart Buildings

by March 5, 2020

David Trice, General Manager of Honeywell Connected Buildings, feels that something preventing smart buildings’ huge success today is access to a network, which could be sorted out by having a …

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4.0 is The Convergence of All Tech Superpowers

by February 13, 2020

Chris Wolf, Vice President and CTO, Global Field & Industry, VMware, talks about a host of issues including their cloud journey, the rising power of Kubernetes, the promise of 5G …

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IoT, Industry 4.0 set to transform India

by September 26, 2019

India is readying itself to embrace Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things in a big way. Here, Sanjay Agarwal, Technology Head, Hitachi Vantara, India, talks in detail about all the …

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Not all Technology May Suit You!

by September 10, 2019

ThoughtWorks is a company which provides software design and delivery, along with relevant tools and consulting services. Martin Fowler, the Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks, is a regular public speaker and author …

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Really exciting times in the Indian e-commerce market

by August 13, 2019

Narvar is India’s first enterprise platform for post-purchase customer experience in the e-commerce sector. As an enterprise-grade customer engagement platform, Narvar enables seamless post-purchase experiences that retain and engage customers …

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