BDN (Bus Display Network) in DTC Buses

Cloudatix has introduced Bus Display Network (BDN) in DTC’S buses.

Sonam Yadav
New Update

Cloudatix has introduced Bus Display Network (BDN) in DTC’S buses. It is a unique information sharing system where commercial organizations can promote their brands and services while government agencies, institutions, welfare associations, NGOs, and NPOs can give a boost to their campaigns pertaining to social awareness or messages in the public interest.  The solution also integrates the surveillance inside and outside the bus using high precision cameras and Wi-Fi for the computers that are managed through the CNOC. The BDN also provides the headway management and mobile application option that will be integrated into the second phase.


saanjay-sharma-md-cloudatix Sanjay Sharma, MD, Cloudatix

BDN works on the internet and it can be connected to the Central Network Operations Center (CNOC) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to fetch the scheduled content, release it through the content aggregator and displays it on the monitor installed in the buses. According to Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director of Cloud tax, “It’s an easy, cost effective, and faster way to deliver some really important messages such as weather alerts, disaster management, public information on epidemics like dengue and chikungunya, besides promotional campaigns by business organizations.”

BDN has been started in some selected buses of DTC on proof of concept (POC) basis. Based on the success of POC, Delhi Government will float an open RFP based on the Swiss Challenge Model. As a majority of Delhi’s population commutes in DTC buses, BDN is an ideal medium to share your messages with a large target audience.” Mr. Sharma further added.