The best free to play games (non-competitive) in 2019

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Gaming is an expensive hobby, there is no denying that. One needs to shell out quite a bit of money to buy a decent gaming rig that will be capable of running games. And then there is the question of games themselves. Some of them are cheap, some of them are exorbitantly expensive. But recently, free to play games have cropped up, and a lot of them are amazing. We are here to cut the noise for you, and suggest some of the best free to play games for this year:

5: EVE Online

This is perhaps the most storied game in the history of gaming. The game has no in-game rules, so there is a possibility of betrayals within the factions. And all these stories of betrayals and heists and most recently, even a rescue mission, can give competition to even the best thriller novels by David Baldacci. Here is Ranker’s list of all the crazy and bizarre stories to come out of EVE Online, which includes a revenge plot which took 4 years to be accomplished and the biggest heist in the history of gaming among others.
The game requires a lot of dedication and getting up the ranks is no less than trying to get up the ranks in the real world, which involves petty politics and backstabbing. This truly is the virtual intergalactic Game of Thrones.

4: Star Wars: The Old Republic


If you are a Star Wars fan, then this game is definitely for you. If you are not, you will become one. SWTOR was a subscription-based game first, but it eventually went free. And unlike most MMORPGs, this game is rich with stories. Each of the classes of the game has a story mode and you have the freedom to play either for the Empire or the Republic and choose either the Dark Side or the Light Side of the force. And if you are looking for some extra fun, there is also a PvP mode.

3: Dauntless

Dauntless has the concept of Monster Hunter and the artwork of Fortnite. This is a looter game where a player can go on a hunt solo or with 4 player co-op party to kill behemoth sized bosses. Over time you get better loot which helps you defeat more powerful bosses. The players can also craft their own armor and weapons.

2: Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a top-down RPG which is heavily inspired by Diablo II. It is one of the best free to play games out there right now and has tons of content, including story, which is free for everyone. Like any other RPG, the game has different classes (in this case, six). What sets this game apart is that except for the central areas, the dungeons and open areas are randomly generated. Which means they will be different everytime you visit them.

1: Warframe

This is absolutely the best free to play game out there. It still surprises me that with this much content, how could this game be free? Warframe is a looter shooter, where a player controls Space Ninjas with incredible mobility and abilities. The game started out being panned by critics when it first released, but the developers at Digital Extremes never gave up and now this game is a beast.
The game does have premium in game currency which can be bought by real money, just like any other free to play game. But Digital Extremes has found a highly ethical way to implement microtransactions in-game. You can even exchange in game loot acquired by playing for this premium currency. The currency helps you to bypass the grind to acquire certain loot, but the grind in this game is fun. You would basically be paying to not have fun in Warframe. I would suggest that you do give this game a try because the best years of the game are yet to come.

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