Case Studies

COVID-19 Mobility Data Analysis

COVID-19 Mobility Data Analysis: Observations on using de-identified and aggregated data for social impact analysis in India

March 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a range of public health, safety, and economic challenges in India Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology – Tirupati (IIT-T) partnered with Facebook to ...


Go4GST: Easing GST

January 31, 2019

Solution Requirement Seeing the complexity of whole GST requirement, Go4GST had the following problems associated with it that needed to be addressed: 1) Since it was a SaaS (Software as a Service) based ...

Godrej Group

Godrej Group: Raising Social Quotient

January 31, 2019

Solutions Requirement For Godrej Group - Consumer Product Group, achieving the 2020 vision has necessitated a transformational shift in customer engagement. Godrej Group’s proactive approach to online engagement is a huge ...


GNFC Ltd: Unifying Communications

January 29, 2019

Solution Requirement Over the last 10 years, GNFC was using the traditional Linux server as a mail server with simple SMTP/POP3/IMAP and a Vanilla Web Client. Although there were no such ...

UST Global

UST Global keeps attackers at bay with Cisco Email Security

January 28, 2019

“Cisco’s commitment to the security portfolio is evident from its security stack line staying on top of competition. Cisco chose UST Global as its first production customer to run the ...


Health&Glow Retailing: Happy, Healthy & Glowing

January 25, 2019

Solution Requirements Health&Glow Retailing operated on a reimbursement model. Store managers would spend first then make vouchers of the spent amount and attach their monthly bills/receipts to them. The vouchers were ...

GFI Informatique

GFI Informatique: Managing Employee Lifecycle

January 24, 2019

Solutions Requirement • Gain a complete view of talents’skills and qualification across the GFI Informatique business with a single HCM platform to capture and store employee records, such as an education ...


iCancer: Bridging A Big Gap

January 18, 2019

Solution Requirement For a patient with a severe illness, it is very difficult to get an appointment and then, physically visit the doctor each time at their clinics. Therefore, the requirement ...


GENESYS: Genes(y)s of a Tech Vision

January 17, 2019

Solution Requirement Location is one of the most critical data points for creating contextual customer experiences. It’s also the cornerstone of Genesys’ business. As a trailblazing geospatial technology company, Genesys arms ...


Firstsource: Intelligent Action

January 17, 2019

Solution Requirement The answers to a lot of Firstsource customer queries lay buried in the mounds of customer interaction data. But ferreting out customer information from the unfathomable sea of data ...

NEC Technologies

NEC Technologies: Reaping Tech Success

January 15, 2019

Solution Requirement When businesses need product development, global product maintenance, and global business enablement services, they know they can turn to NEC Technologies India. A wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation ...


Electrotherm: Enhancing Business Productivity

January 11, 2019

Solution Requirement Rapid growth has nearly eclipsed its operational capability, triggering an ambitious digital transformation. The primary objective is to connect management and every business line with a seamless flow of ...


eBaoTech: Sahi Tech Panacea

January 11, 2019

Solution Requirement eBaoTech-Collaborus started out with manual testing. Subsequently, the company started looking for a tool which could solve all its automation needs especially the PDF comparison, quick regression execution on ...

Orchid Consultancy Services

Orchid Consultancy Services: Emails, Made Easy

January 10, 2019

Solution Requirement Orchid Consultancy Services has a long history of extremely satisfied clients who repeatedly come to them to seek IT consultancy and solutions. Their clients need to send and receive ...


Polyplastics Group: Leveraging It, Fully

January 9, 2019

Solution Requirement Polyplastics, an automotive component manufacturer, required a resilient, cost-effective, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure. Arrow PC helped the company by deploying Server Integration with Virtualization and equipped the infrastructure ...


DTDC: Tech Delivers Value

January 7, 2019

Solution Requirement One of the biggest challenges DTDC faced in growing the business has been scaling its support services. Service expectations have changed significantly since DTDC opened its first outlet. Customers ...

Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech: When Krishi Met Tech

January 4, 2019

Solution Requirement Dhanuka Agritech had some critical requirements. • Drive market penetration through intensive marketing and cohesive system • Wanted to improve the operational experience with an infrastructure that is scalable and highly ...


CREDAI: Paperless with Mobile Computing

January 4, 2019

Solution Requirement No matter how adept CREDAI is at implementing solutions, the challenges are unique to the prevailing circumstances. The first and foremost challenge for CREDAI was that this was a special ...


ConvertCart: Same Feather Birds Flock Together

January 4, 2019

Solution Requirement ConvertCart deploys tools like behavioural analysis, split testing, and intuitive personalization to help its clients save hundreds of dollars in marketing costs. The company considers a project done only ...

Cloudway Consulting

Cloudway Consulting: Consulting, Technically

December 31, 2018

Solution Requirement • Cloudway Consulting wanted help clients to do business better • Enable clients to tap into the largest partner community and supplier network in the world • Find new opportunities to ...