How to Choose the Right Speaker for Personal Use?

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To all the sound fanatics, speakers hold a very dear position. Those who are deeply aware of it would understand that a speaker is never a single entity. It ranges from old fashioned bookshelf speakers to huge sound systems that may want to fit in your living room. With such a humongous range, shopping for the right set of speakers can be a daunting task. However, taking care of the below-shared points, this daunting task can be accomplished with ease:

Finalize the Kind of Speakers you Want: With every individual, the taste and purpose of a speaker differs. Someone may want a speaker for casual music listening for whom a book shelf speaker would serve the purpose. The other person may want huge standing speakers for the more intensive experience. Hence, first thing to do is to determine the kind of speakers you are wanting to have.

Take Your Room’s Furnishings in Count: It is very important to consider your room’s furnishings before you take the final call on the speaker as they do make an impact on the sound quality. Hard surfaces reflect sound while soft surfaces absorb sound. To get a better idea of the sound required in your room, you can try a trick. You can stand in the center of the room and clap. Lesser the sound is, more powerful the speakers you will need.

List Down the Specifications of the Desired Speaker: The specifications of the speaker include its wiring, the power of the amplifier, its impedance number, its power handling and its sensitivity. All these specifications would vary speaker to speaker or in other words, they would impact the output of your speaker. For instance, if you are planning on hooking the speakers to your old stereo system, you will have to use speaker wire. However, if you are using modern speakers and devises, you will require improved cables. Similarly, when it comes to amplifiers, always match the speakers with amplifier so that damage to your electronics could be avoided.

Consider your Budget: This form to be a very crucial aspect before you plan on any new purchase for yourself. Know your budget first and then finalize on the kind of speaker you want. Understand your requirement and your budget before you make your purchase. It is very easy to get attracted to something that glitters. If you need a small bookshelf speaker with the need of casual music listening, there is no point in spending on a huge, lavish speaker which costs 10 times of your requirement.

Do the final checks: Once you have found the desired speakers and have decided to buy them, do not forget to do the final testing. Do check its frame by knocking on it and checking how solid it is because that is going to decide how solid its sound would be. Make sure you check all its plugs; the covers are tight and material is up-to-the quality and durability. Lastly, turn them on with some music to check if there is any distortion, fuzziness or crackling.

If these points are taken care well, there is no way to go wrong about the purchase of your speakers. No matter how small a thing it is, it is important that you do all your homework and investigation before investing your hard-earned money into it.

By Achin Gupta, Country Head India, Zoook

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