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6 Open Source Internet of Things Platforms

April 19, 2016

Internet of Things is enabling new dimensions in the tech-world. The car and home security, health monitoring, business inventory and some other are the areas where developer continuously developing innovative ...

9 Open source Data center and Cloud Software

April 19, 2016

Cloud and Data center software's to controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter managed through a dashboard. 1. OpenShift

5 Debugging Tools For WordPress Developer

April 19, 2016

As a theme or plugin developer, you definitely debug your code while working on it. If you're developing WordPress website then you can simplify the debugging process by using tools, ...

wordpress XAMP

4 Free Local WordPress Development Environments

April 19, 2016

Whether you’re a WordPress developer, designer, or website owner you can develop and test your WordPress website on a local system before sending it up to a live site ...

5 Popular Big Data Tools for Data integration and Business analytics

April 19, 2016

Here, we identified some popular tools to help developers in data integration and business analytics for visualising, analysing and blending Big Data 1.Splice Machine This tool offers the ability to utilise standard SQL ...

9 Open Source Docker Tools For Developers

April 19, 2016

Docker is an open-source program that enables a Linux application and its dependencies to be packaged as a container. There are many open source tools available online to enhance the ...

text editor

8 Free Programming Text Editors For Developers

April 12, 2016

Almost every operating system comes with default text editor but if you are a programmer then you might need something advance.  There are many free but powerful text editors are ...

4 Open source Version Control Tools

April 12, 2016

Version control tools are a great way to enable collaboration, maintain versions, and track changes across the team. If a group of developers working on the same code base, then theses ...

javav tools

10 Must Have Tools for Java developers

April 12, 2016

There are plenty of Java tools designed to make it significantly simpler to write good Java code. So, here are some tools that can make your job easier.   1. Eclipse


5 Must-Have Linux Based Tools for Developers

April 12, 2016

If you work on Linux, then you wouldn't want to miss these 5 open source development tools. They will take your development to a whole new level. 1: Bluefish  

7 Web Tools for Website Validation

7 Web Tools for Website Validation

April 5, 2016

Whether blog or business, you website must look appealing as well as free from any kind of errors. It’s always viable to validate and test the website on all the ...

API Tools

3 API Creation Tools for Developers

April 5, 2016

Are you looking for a useful API (application program interface) tool? We have shortlisted some of the tools that can help you in building software applications. Apigility

8 Free Integrated Development Environments For Developers

April 4, 2016

Programming is a tough job and to reduce developers' effort we have identified some good IDEs. These freemium IDE's are perfect for beginners and expert programmers.   Anjuta DevStudio

8 Free and useful computer-aided design software

March 31, 2016

1 . Archimedes Archimedes is an open source Computer-aided design (CAD) software that mainly focus on architectural design. Its Features include Basic drawing tools, Advanced CAD, Hand drawing easily exported in ...

5 Video Editing Tools

March 31, 2016

1 . OpenShot Video Editor: It is a free, open-source video editor. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always ...

Top 5 Free Professional Online Photo Editors

March 29, 2016

Earlier, when you thought of editing photos the first software that came to mind was PhotoShop. But, nowadays technology has changed everything and you don’t require any professional expertise as ...

5 Free Graphics Software Tools

March 29, 2016

1 . Gimp: GIMP has a rich set of filters and tools to manipulate photos for print or Web publishing.It has a comprehensive user manual and a fair amount of ...

5 Free Invoice Software

March 29, 2016

1 .AgileBill: AgileBill is a billing and invoicing application suitable for the membership/subscription type of business model.It features plug-ins for payment processing, provisioning, and interfacing with third-party applications and services.


How to Install and Configure PrestaShop on Ubuntu

March 28, 2016

PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. It supports payment gateways such as DirecPay, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) and EBANX Checkout via ...

Marketing Automation Tools that Promote Enterprise Growth

March 22, 2016

Marketing automation despite the complexity has been adopted rapidly by enterprises. The benefits are numerous with improved lead management as well as email and campaign management. By mastering these functions ...