11th Gen Intel Core processors

Intel Executing toward XPU Vision with oneAPI and Intel Server GPU

November 12, 2020

Intel today announced key milestones in its multiyear journey to deliver a mix of architectures with a unified software experience. The company announced the gold release of Intel oneAPI toolkits ...

Paytm App Store

Paytm India Launches Android Mini App Store for Indian Developers

October 5, 2020

Paytm has launched its own Android Mini App Store to support Indian developers to take their innovative products to the masses. Mini apps are a custom-built mobile website that gives ...

Global Pandemic, Digital Transformation, and No Code

Global Pandemic, Digital Transformation, and No Code

June 3, 2020

Your business has never been short of ideas, but you may have fallen short of resources to launch them in the market as fast as needed. The pace of technological ...

Role of no-code apps in scaling and implementing digital transformation

Role of no-code apps in scaling and implementing digital transformation

May 27, 2020

Low code and no-code platforms entered the market in efforts to free the development teams from more time consuming menial tasks, giving them more time to focus on coding where ...

How UX and UI can Drive Better Customer Engagement

How UX and UI can Drive Better Customer Engagement

May 20, 2020

In a world where the size of the screen that we use to access the Web, has now become small on account of the mobile phone, and the attention span ...

How important is solution architecture for product development?

May 18, 2020

Having a good solution architecture and an experienced solution architect ensures the teams will develop the product on time, under the budget, and with features that solve the problems, that ...

Beginners Guide : Building a Good Website

Beginners Guide: Building a Good Website

May 7, 2020

A website is your office on the Internet. We invest lacs of rupees doing up our physical offices to impress visitors and customers. For our digital visitors and customers, our ...

Five best practices for building a modern app

Five best practices for building a modern app

April 30, 2020

What would we do without software applications? Today, we depend on them to communicate, calculate, write, learn, buy, entertain, and plan. They have transformed our experiences via the web and ...

literacy of coding

The growing literacy of coding

March 31, 2020

The importance of computer science education is everywhere you look, whether it’s boot camps that retrain blue-collar workers as a hedge against their jobs’ looming automation, or guidance counsellors who ...

Digital presence opportunity

“Digital presence opportunity” for Indian pros could touch US$ 750m

December 12, 2019

India has the second largest Internet users in the world and interestingly, the most WhatsApp users by a wide margin. India’s rank in terms of app downloads is also second. ...

hiring software engineers

Are companies getting it all wrong when hiring software engineers?

September 12, 2019

Software has eaten the world – car companies and banks now compete on the quality of their software tools, and whole industries are undergoing disruption. Certainly, technology is a big ...


Microsoft AI Challenge Empowering Developers in India

January 28, 2019

Often ideas do not come alive due to lack of a platform, and solutions which have the potential to create an impact do not have the right guidance and tools. ...

Low-code Revolution

Time for Low-code Revolution

July 17, 2018

Soma Tah   Low-code platform has been a popular buzzword among the businesses these days, and the reason is deeply rooted in their overt customer-obsessed business culture which is forcing them to ...

sachin saga, mobile cricket game

JetSynthesys’ Sachin Saga Cricket Champions: Revisiting Master Blaster

January 4, 2018

Within less than a week of its release, JetSynthesys’ Sachin Saga Cricket Champions has become one of the top-most downloaded games on Google Play.  The game was launched on 7th December ...

Graebert ARES CAD Suite Extends Design Functionality to Mobile Devices

November 7, 2017

Graebert GmbH has been in the business of developing CAD software, solutions and services since the last 30 years. Its DWG format based CAD systems were among the first to ...


.NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 now available

July 3, 2017

Microsoft’s .NET Core 2.0 and SDK 2.0 latest preview is now available to download and testing. .NET Core is Microsoft’s modular platform for web apps and services, and it supports ...

oracle containers

Three New Open Source Container Utilities By Oracle

July 3, 2017

With the three new tools- Smith, Crashcart and Railcar, the Oracle is helping development teams build and operate containers.  The tools are designed to tackle containerization challenges commonly faced. "Containers are ...


How Cloud Computing is Impacting the Way Developers Code

May 1, 2017

  We spoke to Sunil Mehra, Vice President -Middleware, Oracle India to understand the latest trends in the coding industry and how cloud technologies are impacting developers. Q: What are the latest ...

machine learning

How Machine Learning Enhances Omni-Channel Retail Experience

April 18, 2017

  We spoke to Valli Bollavaram, Vice President - Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence Engineering, Target India to understand the different ways by which machine learning enhances the omni-channel shopping experience

app security

Microsoft IIS 6.0 Vulnerable to a Zero-Day Buffer Overflow Vulnerability: Trend Micro

April 5, 2017

  Trend Micro has said that the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 is vulnerable to a zero-day Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-7269) due to an improper validation of an ‘IF’ header in ...