Microsoft Hits A 6

November 27, 2018

Microsoft has been creating secure and effective solutions enabling digital transformation for the era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge and this time Microsoft has hit a six. Microsoft has ...


“We Strive To Bring Customers Into A Smart Horizon Of Visual Experience With Creativity And Technology”Sebastian Dong, , TCL

November 26, 2018

Sebastian Dong, Chief Marketing Director, TCL, talks about the company and the new product launch. Give a brief idea about your company portfolio? TCL was established in 1981  headquartered in China, and ...


“We Have Partnered With Over 13,000 Businesses” P.K. Khaitan, NeoGrowth

November 26, 2018

We all understand and are aware of the significance of business loans and the exasperating process they take us through. In order to ease this process of taking business loans, we ...

Axis Communications

“Axis makes city management safe and seamless,”Sudhindra Holla, Axis Communications

November 22, 2018

In an exclusive conversation with PCQuest, Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director – India & SAARC, Axis Communications, talks about how security has helped decrease crime rates in the country. How the security ...


“It is a Complete Industrial IoT and Mobility solution For the Technology of Future,” Kunal Kislay, Integration Wizards

November 21, 2018

Harness the power of the cloud and further integrate it with multiple devices with Integration Wizards’ Enterprise Mobility and Industrial IoT solutions. Mobility and IoT are just wings of enterprise ...


“AI and ML are at the core of what we do,” said Priyanka Kanwar, Founder, Kite

November 20, 2018

Kite, a fintech startup introduced two significant products – Kite Tab & Kite Grub for Indian markets, these are SaaS solutions for tracking expense tracking, reimbursements and could be used ...

Zebra Technologies

Deep Agarwal, Zebra Technologies: “The simplicity of our brand essence gives us the clarity to deliver”

November 9, 2018

In an exclusive conversation with PCQuest Deep Agarwal, Regional Sales Director – India, Zebra Technologies explains the rationale behind changing the company’s brand messaging. What ...


Rajiv Bhalla & Sanjay Katyal, Barco: “We promise to give our customers an uninterrupted viewing experience”

November 9, 2018

Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director India and Sanjay Katyal, National Sales Manager, Barco speak on the product portfolio and its position in the Indian market. What are the products Barco ...


Vishal Agrawal, Avaya: “The Solutions We Build Will Impact Lives Across Verticals”

November 9, 2018

Vishal Agrawal, MD, Avaya, India & SAARC outlines his market outreach across verticals What are the developments Avaya made post its restructuring? Avaya ...


Dr. Shafy Eltoukhy, SiFive: “We Just License The Processors And There is No Royalty”

November 9, 2018

Dr. Shafy Eltoukhy, SVP of Operations and GM of SoC Division, SiFive talks about RISC-V instruction set architecture and its rapidly increasing ecosystem. What are ...


Sachin Dev Duggal, Engineer.ai: Present day organisations are engulfed in myriad of problems and that’s what our business model is trying to solve

November 8, 2018

What are the solutions in your portfolio and how do they address the concerns of SMBs? Engineer.ai is an app development and cloud solutions, provider. We make technical and creative knowledge ...


PANASONIC bets on cloud

November 6, 2018

Written By: Divya Bishi Around a year back Panasonic changed the name of the organisation from System Solutions Division to Connected Solutions Divisions. The idea was because the world is kind of ...

Ensurity Technologies

“We will be launching the device in US very soon,” Amit Mathur, Ensurity Technologies

November 6, 2018

Written By: Divya Bishi Amit Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Ensurity Technologies talks about his company profile and secured portable data. What is the product portfolio of Ensurity Technologies?


“We promise to give our customers an uninterrupted viewing experience,” Rajiv Bhalla, & Sanjay Katyal, Barco

October 22, 2018

Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director India and Sanjay Katyal, National Sales Manager, Barco speak on the product portfolio and its position in the Indian market. What are the products Barco offers to ...


“We want to be a brand of rural India,” Pradipto Ganguly, Britzo

October 22, 2018

In an exclusive conversation with PC Quest Pradipto Ganguly – CEO & Co-Founder – Britzo (iVVO Mobile Phone), talks about how the company plan to compete. What is so special about ...

Artificial Intelligence

AI won’t Put HR Managers Out of Work

October 17, 2018

AI is among the most talked technologies in the current time. It is being implemented at various places, including our smartphone to our work life where we are getting a ...


Biometric Security – A Blessing or A Curse?

October 12, 2018

Your identity is your most priceless possession, protect it! The identity here in question is not your personality but your body. Today, the body makes-up to be the most authenticate password ...

Jolly App

Jolly App Bridges the Gap between Customers and Brands

October 1, 2018

Our life is largely dependent on electronics, appliances, gadgets, automobiles, etc. We buy it; we use it and dispose of it to buy another one. It’s a continuous cycle that ...


Indian NewsApps Get Chinese Flavor

August 20, 2018

Decades back Nehru had propagated “India China Bhai Bhai”. Much water has flown since then; following an incisive incursion into India, China’s persistent stance in not recognizing India’s sovereignty in ...

Cyber security

Keith Martin, F-Secure: “Without Cyber Security A Smart City Cannot Exist”

August 20, 2018

Today, cyber security is the paramount security necessity the world requires, where everyone is constantly being watched. Every device used is under the risk of cyber attack or cybercrime. Even ...