Firefox 8.0 for iOS Launches These Interesting Features

Mozilla has released a new version of its FireFox browser for iOS.

Jyoti Bhagat
New Update

Mozilla has released a new version of its FireFox browser for iOS. The updated version- Firefox 8.0 has some notable changes such as a new tab experience, night mode, an integrated QR code reader, yMail support and external keyboard support in the address.


Let’s start with Firefox’s new tab experience that will be rolling out gradually. The tab experience has been polished to further enhance user’s mobile browsing experience. Secondly, it has also got a night mode. This feature dims the brightness of the screen, easing the strain on your eyes while accessing Firefox for iOS in a dark room or in the night.

Firefox for iOS has also got a built-in QR code reader that opens the corresponding URL in the current tab. In addition, Mozilla also included yMail as one of the supported email clients.

Mozilla is also introducing Feature Recommendations feature for users in the US and Germany. It will offer hints and time savers to improve the overall Firefox experience.

Some bug fixes and tweaks have also been implemented. Here is the complete changelog of Firefox 8.0 for iOS. To experience the all new Firefox 8.0 for iOS,download the update and experience a fast, smart and personal web.

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