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Business France, the Trade & Investment Commission of France in India, with several stakeholders and partners had conducted the second edition of the “French Tech Tour to India”, a multi-purpose and multi-format platform which ran over Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore from 13th to 17th of November 2017.

The “French Tech Tour to India 2017” consists of an immersive mission to India for 9 innovative “French B Tech” startups and SMEs. The program for these companies included customizing business meetings with Indian start-ups, investors, partners and clients as well as pitch sessions and curated networking cocktails across the 4 cities.

In the years to come, Business France looks forward to taking these initiatives to greater scale. The French Tech initiative fits in with the goals and objectives of the “Startup India” and “Digital India” initiatives by the Government of India. We hope that this spirit of reciprocal learning and collaboration between India and France strengthens in the following years.

For some years now, the French Tech ecosystem has enjoyed a steady and strong development, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers and other talented people. Like India, France has emerged as a leading Startup Power, home to vibrant Tech Hubs and talents, and imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture.

These are the startups which have took part in “French Tech Tour to India ”

DxOMark Image Labs

DxOMark Image Labs is an industry-leading supplier of image quality testing hardware and software(DxO Analyzer). And Consulting Services. As well as the publisher of is a website providing image quality ratings for standalone cameras, lenses, and mobile devices that include cameras. It is owned by DxOMark Image Labs.

The DxOMark Camera Sensor Score measures the quality of the RAW image captured by a camera.

The DxOMark Sensor Overall Score consists of three components:

Color Depth for Portrait photography

Dynamic Range of Landscape photography

Low-light ISO for Sports, wildlife and other action photography.


Founded in January 2001 in France with a subsidiary in India since 2007, Lyra has become a key player in the payment space. Lyra’s wide knowledge of markets, technical expertise and innovative engagement assures high quality of services.

As a leader in the French online banking industry, Lyra Network has been securing data flow between merchants and banks since 2001. We provide innovative payment management tools and a highly secure environment to deliver your payments worldwide.

Lyra’s Key solutions: -Own payment gateway solution. Connectivity solutions for POS devices. LUMA: Remote POS device management solution with features.

PAYZEN: The online payment solution of Lyra, ensures the best experience with a solution which is highly flexible.


Cloud-based services platform for localization MediaWen International provides Saas/PaaS secure, proprietary cloud-based platforms and tools for video content localization including Closed Captioning, Multilingual Subtitling, and Automatic Dubbing across Web, mobile and TV.

Our solutions incorporate cognitive AI technologies to automate the labour-intensive task of video content localization and allow companies (M & E, e-learning, education, health, finance, enterprise) the ability to extend and engage new audiences globally.

To meet the enterprise customer challenges, it offers complete end to end platform solutions and/ or customized partial solutions focused on meeting challenges to deliver a more customer-centric experience.



Mediawen offers a wide array of services, platforms & tools, to media & entertainment, e-learning, educational, health, and finance companies worldwide.

The MediaWen services provide end to end workflow and workforce management, analytics and tracking, security, and web applications for the seamless distribution of video content files to customers across their global infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to provide the best user experience through an intuitive, secure, collaborative and fully customizable user interface.


The story behind StreamMind’s technology dates back to the 1980’s and 1990’s when our founder, Nicolas Muhadri, observed that contrary to what you would expect from IT and software development, the level of complexity increases rather than decreases.

Every time the new software was developed, the wheel was reinvented and developers started from scratch, despite much of the software code and features fitting various situations and needs. The result was a lot of wasted time and money, and not enough time spent on the core of the project: the business challenge.

It was this concept, combined with unparalleled ambition and a passion to create, that propelled Nicolas to abandon a seasoned corporate career in favour of nine long years of rigorous research and development on the platform that, today, we call TIME.

Today, StreamMind technology is being used by some of the world’s leading companies and financial institutions… and you may not even know it. Why? Because for the past nine years, we’ve been operating under the radar, perfecting our product, and building up our client portfolio.

Guided by our founding vision and motivated by a passion for innovation, we are constantly pushing ourselves to think faster, to do better, and to deliver more. It’s more than our vocation; it’s our reason for being.


Paytweak turns the payment into an amazing customer experience. The universal payment link generated by Paytweak’s technology is directly connected to 500 banks and PSP around the world and perfectly fits any channels.

It secures, speeds-up and removes frictions for all incoming payments like never before. It also prevents from fraud by authenticating cardholders in real time, even during phone calls. Paytweak offers innovative and smart payment services anywhere, at anytime, on any device

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