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Ganesh Karri, from Futurex talks about how his products are compliant with different regulated security standards FutureX secure their customers from attacks

  1. FutureX offers several security appliances; Please highlight the back-end technology that secures your clients?

Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform protects the data of some of the largest organizations in the world. One of the keys to the platform’s continued success is the common infrastructural foundation across all Futurex devices and VirtuCrypt services known as the Base Architecture Model. Through the Base Architecture Model, Futurex is able to add new features across all products; expedite coding, development, and quality assurance testing; and develop new products faster, providing our customers with quicker access to the technology they need to successfully protect their most critical data.

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2. What levels of security do you use? Please explain about the layers.

In addition to the advanced encryption algorithms that Futurex devices utilize to encrypt the data itself, there are a variety of other physical and logical security measures that ensure sensitive data is protected. Futurex products are fully compliant with a variety of regulated security standards including FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM.

Reinforced physical barriers of the device make it extremely difficult for an unauthorized user to break into the device. In addition, Futurex’s products are equipped with measures to make any unauthorized access attempt evident to system administrators. Should a tamper attempt occur, the device will automatically zeroize itself, deleting any sensitive data contained within it.

3. As you serve to various verticals, what type of technical challenges you face?

Futurex products are used by organizations across a wide range of industries, each with unique requirements and types of data to protect. One of the biggest initial challenges for any organization operating across multiple industry verticals is keeping abreast of regulatory compliance mandates. Depending on the sector, different regulatory bodies are in place to ensure that encryption devices adhere to their standards. This is why Futurex’s own team members sit on multiple regulatory bodies and standards committees to include the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, ANSI/ISO, OASIS, and others. This allows us to ensure all products and services are fully compliant today, while also allowing us to be successfully postured for industry compliance trends in the future and advocate for the best interests of our customers and partners.

4. How easily can adapt to existing environments?

With the assistance of Futurex’s industry-certified Solutions Architects, integrating our hardened encryption technology into existing environments is simple. We have designed our technology to operate in a turnkey manner in the most complex of environments, including zero-downtime migrations from legacy products to our Hardened Enterprise Security Platform.

Not all data security environments are alike, and Futurex specializes in custom development projects, frequently designing new features to meet the unique needs of customers all over the world. Futurex’s Solutions Architects meet with the customer to evaluate their infrastructure in order to design a new solution that satisfies their requirements. Once the solution has been built and tested, the Solutions Architect will go on-site with the customer to implement the solution, train the staff on its use, and provide any additional assistance needed along the way.

5. Considering the latest attacks, how are you tackling with them?

As the volume and sophistication of attack vectors targeting enterprise data grows, security technology must keep pace. We are already seeing an increased interest in hardware-based, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic technology from industries that previously would have relied solely on software-based encryption. In addition to that, the expanding role of hardened cryptographic modules housed in the cloud through VirtuCrypt is enabling new efficiencies, increasing scalability, and promoting greater security than ever before seen.

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