‘G Store’ is all Set to Revolutionize Gaming Industry

Ankit Parashar
New Update
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G Store is a mobile application store and all set to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry in India. The company, G Nation is coming up with a first of its kind offering for mobile game developers under G Store which has not been explored and offered till date! Apart from creating a dedicated app store for mobile game developers to sell their games, G Store will be offering very aggressive revenue sharing model to game developers to encourage and connect with cryptocurrency: Gamecredits. G Nation is innovating the mobile game experience for next generation gamers where the G Store app will offer multi-faced facility to users.


Gaming industry in India is very fragmented and mobile gaming is a segment that is still struggling and faces huge challenges at a grass root level. The gaming community is facing challenges like; lack of funds, lack of skilled resources, slow payment cycles, less monetization through in-app purchases and advertisements. This has affected growth and development of mobile game industry in India. Now the whole concept of G Store revolves around these pain points and G Store, blockchain based app store, is been created to accommodate all mobile game developers of India at one platform, removing their restrictions, empower them with new model of earning and offer them benefits like:

  • Game Developers First Policy: In addition, G Store is offering aggressive revenue sharing model with game developers where ratio is 90:10 for in app-purchases. Breaking the monopoly of market and traditional game play stores, G Store is offering 90% benefits to game developers and keeping 10% only for company. Not only this, G Nation is offering 100% of the ad revenue to developers.
  • Gamecredits- The blockchain based Gamecredits cryptocurrency and virtual wallet lets gamers and developers buy and sell games and in-game items faster, safer and more privately than with credit cards.
  • Fastest Developer Payout Period: G Store is targeting to ensure delivery of payment from 60 days to 60 hours.
  • Ease of Integration: Apart from this, developers don’t have to spend anything extra on development cost. Thanks to the automated integration process, the game on Gstore gets uploaded in 10 minutes.

Segey Sholom, President of G Nation says, “Around the world there are nearly 2 billion gamers, whose shared interests and passions unite us across national and cultural borders. G Nation is been developed to bring all game developers in one community to be not only stronger but also be the biggest nation in the world, G Nation. Here we will help developers to get the most out of their products and provide better value for gamers themselves. Using our ecosystem of blockchain-based assets and mobile technologies, combined with our deep passion for gaming, we will bring the industry to a whole new level.” The company has already signed up with developers who have more than 300 games available for download from 150 developers in its app store, and it has enabled a GameCredits payment system that is designed to benefit its investors, its developers, and gamers themselves.

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