Rumours say GTA VI might be announced soon

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It has been quite a while since GTA V was released. The game was one of the most expensive ones ever made at the time and was a blockbuster hit. It has been almost a decade now since its release, and there are rumours floating around about GTA VI for a while now.

The most recent rumours hint that the game might be announced soon. The first one comes from the voice actor of Trevor from GTA V. During the Brazil Gameshow 2019, Steven Ogg said regarding GTA VI that it would be out “soon” and “it usually takes seven to eight years for video game development, so do the math.” This could, of course, be speculation on his part as well, but for now, this is as close to any official word we have gotten, even though we do not know if he is currently associated with Rockstar.

The other rumour was spotted by Dexerto on a post in GTAForums by one of the users. According to his theory, Rockstar might be using GTA VI content for GTA Online. He says that the vintage cars in the recent update look unfinished, like missing badges and interiors. He also points out that the same thing happened in GTA IV when GTA V was near.
The user further points out that the latest DLC, the Diamond Casino has vintage vibes to it, which he believes uses elements from GTA VI.

He also explains as to why Rockstar might be doing this:

“Now why would Rockstar potentially be reusing assets meant for GTA VI in GTA Online? It could simply be as filler, or it could be because they have run out of other content. I can’t confirm this myself but I have seen it stated several times on this forum and it does make sense, but supposedly The Doomsday Heist was meant to be the last DLC for GTA Online. That DLC had a huge new heist, tons of cars (many of which could have been for VI), and in general would have been a good DLC to go out with a bang. However GTA Online was still too popular to stop supporting, so Rockstar needed to keep making new updates.”

What do you think? Are these rumours plausible?

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