How to Earn Money By Using Google and Blogger

How to enable Adsense in your Google Blogger to generate Money

Rajkumar Maurya
New Update

Today lots of people are spending their lot of time on the Internet blogging to provide all sorts of information to the world. You might also be one of them and actually getting a considerable number of visitors for it. But, besides visitors, what else are you getting? Wouldn't it be nice if these visitors could also fetch you some income as well? Here, we'll show you how to generate income from your blogs, with as the site for blogging.


If your blog has enough content, then it is not difficult to generate income, by combining your blog with Google Adsense. In the Adsense program, Google will show its ads on your blog and from each click on these ads some income will come to you.

Here, we simplify this process using some fairly simple steps to enable Google Adsense .

Step 1: Sign into your Blogger account. Go to Earnings -> Adsense. You will see the Adsense singup page. Click on Sign up to create your AdSense account.



Step 2:  Next, it will ask you to login either with your existing Google account if you have one, or create a new account. Once you login, select which language you use for your content like English, Spanish, Hindi etc.

Step 3: Submit your Adsense application by filling up the information it asks for in the form as shown below, and click on submit.


Step 4: That's it! Once your AdSense account has been created and activated by Google, you will be able to view the dashboard and ads on your blog.


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