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Sunil Rajguru
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Abhishek, COO & Executive Director of L&T Technology Services (LTTS), talks about tech trends and Indian IT Services in the New Normal, Digital Transformation strategies, Engineering-as-a-Service and the role of AI, robotics & IoT in Industry 4.0.


Said Abhishek about the changing landscape in the New Normal, “The technology is changing so fast. A very core need will be for cross-skilling and upskilling of talent. We’re not going to run a company where we keep changing 40% talent every year because the technology is changing. The right thing to do is to bet on our employees and invest in our employees, invest in our talent and help them grow.”

“Digital Transformation is nothing but deployment of technologies, platforms, solutions and business models in various industry processes to increase agility, to increase predictability, productivity and increase customer experience,” he said.

Abhishek added, “What 2020 did to us was: It was the biggest test the world ever faced and it redefined the meaning of Digital Transformation itself… We are going very slow about it. A transformation should be something which is agile and faster. That’s why we call it transformation. Otherwise you can just call it change.”


Linking it to Industry 4.0, Abhishek elaborated, “In the Covid times companies across the sectors struggled to run their operations with minimum disruption. They truly realized the importance of automation and technologies like AR-VR, cloud and data science. Industry 4.0 was a journey of making these businesses efficient through evolved and KPI-driven processes.”

Striking a positive note for Make in India, Abhishek went on, “I think the whole global economic catastrophe caused by Covid-19 clearly accelerated the need for what I call manufacturing automation. Pre-Covid if you think of a manufacturing hub it was China… I think India is clearly emerging or has emerged as the alternative manufacturing hub for the world.”

But for that we have to grab the opportunity. Felt Abhishek, “Industry 4.0 is no longer an option I think but an absolute necessity to survive and there is no time to waste. This is here and now. In fact we call it Industry4.Now.”

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